Dave Fast Facts:
-Dave works as a Moving Image Archivist and works in archives all over the city.
-He travels from time to time for work…as close as New Jersey, as far as Tanzania.
-Dave loves silent film…especially in theaters with live musical accompaniment….or in our living room watching them with the boys.
-Dave knows how to play Alanis Morissette, Russian polkas and Sesame Street songs on the accordion.
-He is a master of the Rubik’s cube, Wack A Mole and Plants Versus Zombies.
-He takes particular pride in teaching Andrew how to set up a projector.
-He’s a very, very picky vegetarian and very, very lucky that I cook for him.

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2 Responses to Dave

  1. Diana Cochrane says:

    Robbie!! Hey!! I’m working in NY from yesterday until Oct. 18! I’m outie on the weekends, except that I will be in the city next weekend, Sep. 29. It would be a shame if I didn’t get to see you (and hopefully eat some of your fall baked goods!) sometime between now and Oct. 18. Can we make this work??

    PS–after trolling your blog, I can affirmatively say that YOU ARE AMAZING. Loves.


  2. Koby says:

    La cuota de los alemanes está situada en tres,75, mientras que la del la capital de España
    está a 1,28 por euro apostado.

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