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On Saturday we went to the Brooklyn Children’s Museum, which was free admission with our Hall of Science membership (who knew?). The boys were really drawn to the fish tanks, which were cleverly built low to the ground and along … Continue reading

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home and adventure

We live in a neighborhood-y section of Brooklyn. We rent a small apartment above a store (owned by a sometimes-loud lady on the phone, who would probably describe us as often-loud and always running around). We have two bedrooms, one … Continue reading

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When Andrew started attending the program he’s in, he was the only white student in the school. His school is in an African American neighborhood and the majority of students are African American. There is also a small Chinese population … Continue reading

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This weekend we went into Chinatown to see some of the Chinese New Year Celebrations. We saw lions and dragons EVERYWHERE. Big ones, and as you can see, a few little ones too! :) But we really go to play … Continue reading

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This was a full weekend. On Saturday I met Kirsten in Soho for tea tasting, shopping and lunch out. It was her birthday and meandering around Soho was a great way to celebrate! Saturday night Dave and I went to … Continue reading

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This weekend I became the lady that walks her kid on a leash. We’ve been having more and more trouble with Isaac when we are out and about. He is now downright vaudevillian in his stroller performing thrilling stunts while … Continue reading

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toys and trash bags

Last night Dave walked into the living room and said, “are you organizing again?” We’ve organized all kinds of nooks and crannies around here. The boys’ games and toys are tidy and regrouped and each have new, carefully-thought-out homes that … Continue reading

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hello august.

This past weekend, August began. August is the month we originally moved to New York.This past weekend marks 8 years. I can’t believe that I am old enough to have lived somewhere 8 years as an adult. And I can’t … Continue reading

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love and marriage

Last night Dave and I went to the anniversary party of a couple from our church. They were celebrating their 60th anniversary and had a large party with a 3 course dinner, open bar and a live band for dancing. … Continue reading

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so fancy.

Kirsten decided, after a stressful week, that the one thing that would help her to relax would be to take me to high tea. And who am I to turn down someone in need? I have never been to high … Continue reading

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