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Last night I rolled over to turn off the light on the other side of the bed and I realized something was looking at me. Then I realized that there was an enormous, bright green, praying mantis looking at me. … Continue reading

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Happy Late Monday everyone! Andrew is officially out of school for the year and today we started up our official summer schedule including workbook work, journal keeping, art projects and science experiments. Isaac is still in school, but this is … Continue reading

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our park

We live near a bustling city park. It’s at the top of a hill and has views of the Statue of Liberty and the Manhattan skyline. There is a city pool in the park that we’ve only been to once, … Continue reading

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new neighborhood

Please note: Andrew’s freckles. Not near the thousands that Isaac has…nevertheless, he’s quite freckled. As the moving van was getting loaded, our then-neighbors stopped us in the hallway and asked where we were moving. When we told them the neighborhood … Continue reading

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The NYC school bus drivers are on strike. Today is day two and the last school bus strike lasted for 3 months. 3 months!! The preschool buses have separate contracts, so Isaac still rides the bus, but Andrew is without … Continue reading

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This weekend my sister came to town! On Saturday the two of went into the city to see the sights. And this was her sensible choice of footwear. Which she can’t believe I gave her so much trouble about. She … Continue reading

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On Saturday Dave was at a conference, and the boys and I went to the aquarium to see their Amazing Water exhibit. (love, love, love Isaac’s deadpan in the photo above. When he was looking through the photos later, he … Continue reading

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city living

I read once (on Vanessa’s blog!) that when you live in the city, you live in the city. Meaning…your living is done more out in the city than it’s done at home. As our kids get older, I can see … Continue reading

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This weekend we went back to the Botanical Gardens. I’ve tried to go twice in the past two weeks and each time I ended up circling for over an hour looking for parking, giving up and going home. But, with … Continue reading

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On Saturday it was mostly rainy, so we went to the Museum of the Moving Image. There was this exhibit with a keyboard-turned-skateboard. As you rode on it, your movement communicated with a computer hanging on the wall. I’m still … Continue reading

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