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I have not been out running since last October. And for a while I was relieved to have dropped that pesky habit. I tried to force interest by googling things about “keeping your run interesting”, “don’t let your run get … Continue reading

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a list for Friday

1. Isaac did great at the dentist! All the prep work we did with him paid off! I could tell that he knew exactly what to expect AND that he felt so proud of himself for knowing what to do. … Continue reading

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high energy!

Over Winter Break last week, I was reminded about just how high energy Andrew is. Oh my. He is INCREDIBLY high energy. From the moment he wakes up to the moment he falls sleep, he’s going at full tilt. He’s … Continue reading

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month of Isaac

The theme of my thoughts lately are simple: Isaac. Which actually also make them complex because he’s such a mysterious little munchkin. I’ve made some discoveries about Isaac in the last few weeks that I decided I wanted to record … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Days Past

I remember going pretty crazy for Valentine’s Day last year. Andrew was deep into his balloon sculpting period ;) and he made a bunch of balloon hearts. We used some for a garland and Andrew brought some to school. He … Continue reading

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When I am really sick (and this week I was REALLY sick), I can get to a place where I am convinced that I am always sick, always laying around doing nothing. This is my life. Heck, when I was … Continue reading

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things I noticed

Things I noticed while putting together this scrapbook page: 1. This page is about the Autism Speaks 5K that our family went to last Spring. (I wrote about it here…and this text is also what I used for the journaling … Continue reading

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December Daily

I’ve made the foundation of my December Daily journal. It’s 5×7 and I did a simple binding with masking tape. I taped two pages together along the seam, “closed” them, and taped the next page on. and on and on. … Continue reading

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good at math, stuttering, quite a handful

Last night I had parent teacher conferences. I met with both boys’ teacher, Andrew’s Speech therapist, Isaac’s counselor (he receives counseling for play and social skills) and I visited the art, music and gym teachers too. Plus I saw some … Continue reading

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funny boy

Andrew has a tradition every time there is a birthday at his school. With birthday goodies hidden in his backpack, he rushes to close himself in my bedroom when he gets home from school. Then, he makes a sign that … Continue reading

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