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feathers on the wall

The boys and I made this Thanksgiving banner last weekend. Isaac covered brown triangles in glue and feathers, happy as a clam to be messing around with all those funky textures. After covering one triangle in glue and running to … Continue reading

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pumpkins and colors

Before we talk pumpkins, I have to tell you: Isaac knows his colors. We’ve been working on colors for over a year. ¬†Whenever color would come up I would try all kinds of tricks to help him sort them out. … Continue reading

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Easter Decorations

We are gearing up for Easter around here. Last week the boys and I mixed up some paint and made some bubble prints. The paint is just a mixture of poster paint, dish detergent and water. We mixed it all … Continue reading

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I am not feeling particularly inspired lately. I don’t really have any big crafty projects in the works. I can’t seem to find time like I used to find it. Most of my time and creative energies are directed towards … Continue reading

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playdough science

Yesterday our friends came over for our Wednesday afternoon homeschool get-togethers. Susan has been generous in letting those afternoons follow the units Andrew and I have been working on assuring me that her kids really do like weather! and volcanos … Continue reading

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Valentines Sent

The boys and I made some simple valentines for friends and family last week. Here’s what we came up with. Email this post Like!1

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In school Andrew and I have been doing an extensive unit on the weather. He’s been interested in weather for a while now and a friend of mine recently gave him a Solar System book that renewed his interest in … Continue reading

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I don’t particularly like going to get my haircut. I always feel a little anxiety about it. I don’t like how you have hold your head during the uncomfortable hair-washing, I don’t like thinking of chit-chat to exchange with the … Continue reading

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summer break

Andrew’s summer school ended the day before we left for the beach. So this week is our first week of summer break that we’ve been home and it’s been lovely. Amazing. Pinch-me-I-Love-my-life-perfect. Not only do I get a break from … Continue reading

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latest obsession

Andrew’s latest obsession is the solar system.My latest obsession is Andrew’s obsession with the solar system. I seriously cannot believe how thrilled I am when he talks about outer space. It all started Friday before last when he walked out … Continue reading

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