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Crazy Hat Day

Today is Crazy Hat Day at the boys’ school. A notice came home about it on Friday and when I asked the boys what kind of crazy hats they wanted to make, Andrew wanted to make a minecraft hat and … Continue reading

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valentine decorations

This past weekend the boys and I made some Valentine Decorations. :) Andrew has been playing a lot of String Games lately (like Cat’s Cradle) so when I saw this yarn based valentine project online, I thought it would be … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Our family stands divided as far as turkey consumption goes. Dave, of course, will be refraining from partaking….and Isaac will join Dave in solidarity. It seems I’ve read Isaac too many books about turkeys hiding and feeling scared of Thanksgiving…and … Continue reading

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Mix together 1 part water to 1 1/2 parts corn starch. Add green food coloring and two boys at opposite ends of the sensory spectrum (Andrew can’t STAND to feel gooey things, Isaac could bathe in it)… and it makes … Continue reading

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birthday decorations

For part of the party decorations, Isaac painted a set of planets that are now hanging from the dining room ceiling (well…all except for Uranus…which has since fallen…must fix that!). He has a very set-in-stone idea about what color each … Continue reading

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Easter Decorations

The boys and I made some 3D eggs this weekend to decorate for Easter. I had a vision to make a banner that looked something like this. And although Isaac is usually willing to play along with whatever I’ve got … Continue reading

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Halloween Banner

On Sunday it was rainy and we were hanging out at home when I mentioned to Andrew that maybe we should make some Halloween decorations. He jumped to his feet, full of ideas. He wanted to make a banner of … Continue reading

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Mars Rover Obsession

Not sure if you know this or not…I’m not really even sure if this is big news out there…but around here, the Mars Rover, Curiosity, and it’s mission to Mars, is pretty much all one of us talks about. It … Continue reading

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Easter Banner

The boys and I made this simple Easter banner. I cut out little felt circles, they glued them to cardstock eggs. We added a few colorful felt triangles and stuck it to the wall. And as Andrew says: “It’s getting … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day! This year I actually sort of feel like a Valentine bum. Usually our apartment is be-dazzled in hearts and I have crafted up a storm of pink goodness to mail out to friends and relations…but this year…it … Continue reading

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