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Today I went through the last six months of photos from my phone to look into more “everyday” stories that I wanted to record. And I found all of these phases that my boys have been through and moved on … Continue reading

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Advocacy Voice

This school year, I’ve had to polish off my advocacy voice again. And it’s still not easy for me at all. I try to think back, at a time when I was actively, almost daily, honing my advocacy voice and … Continue reading

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Ready for a new word to add to your lexicon? Ok. Here it is: synesthesia! Reader and instagram follower, barbiezen, mentioned it to me last week. I immediately looked it up when I saw her comment, and it blew my … Continue reading

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Chicka Chicka. oh my goodness.

Isaac is currently obsessed with Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. If you are not familiar with this children’s book, let me give you a quick synopsis. All the letters in the alphabet climb up a coconut tree, one at a time. … Continue reading

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more calendar talk

Isaac still has a LOT to say about calendars. He probably spends about 30 minutes a day telling me different things about calendars. This morning he told me that January 1st is the year’s birthday. And that’s why the year … Continue reading

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Isaac got in trouble

Isaac got in trouble at school this week. He tore the door off of the toy microwave during playtime, much to the dismay of all the kids playing in the housekeeping center. And when the teacher confronted him about it…he … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Isaac

It’s been a wonderful five years. I can’t wait to see what’s ahead. :) Email this post Like!6

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weekend: Isaac’s party

On Saturday we celebrated Isaac’s fifth birthday with our friends. (His real birthday is tomorrow.) For Andrew’s fifth birthday, I invited his whole class to a park and it marked the beginning of including school friends in birthdays. But…Isaac doesn’t … Continue reading

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notes on May First

– Isaac has been talking about the start of May since the end of March. – He’s *really* into calendars right now. He talks about the months of the year and days of the week every day, several times a … Continue reading

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outer space and shortcakes

There is something about the outer space unit that Isaac’s teacher does with the kids every year. When Andrew was in her class, I remember picking him up one day after school and he said to me “Mommy! The sun … Continue reading

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