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Isaac and Geography

Yesterday I told Isaac that there might be a new country in the world.  I told him about the vote going on in Scotland and how Scotland might become it’s own country.  He was VERY interested and he got out … Continue reading

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Isaac In Vermont

While in Vermont: 1. Isaac swung from the pipes in the basement at my parents’ house. There are some at his level by the stair case and if he grips them just right he can swing back and forth at … Continue reading

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in print

Last December Isaac and I went into Manhattan to meet up with the fine folks at Parents Magazine for a special needs photo shoot they were doing. They put him in flashy clothes, sprayed his red curls into order and … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday!

Today Isaac turns six! I am so, so grateful to have this wild little lamb in my life! Email this post Like!5

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WAY too many pics of Isaac’s party

This past weekend we had a birthday party for Isaac who turns 6 on Thursday. He’s had a love affair with the book Chicka Chicka Boom Boom on and off for YEARS…and back a few weeks ago, when I was … Continue reading

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Producing a Personal Narrative

On Isaac’s current IEP, one of his goal s, my favorite of his goal s is: produce a personal narrative. What’s that, you ask? It’s not as fancy as sounds. It’s just means: talk about something that happened to you. … Continue reading

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month of Isaac

The theme of my thoughts lately are simple: Isaac. Which actually also make them complex because he’s such a mysterious little munchkin. I’ve made some discoveries about Isaac in the last few weeks that I decided I wanted to record … Continue reading

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Isaac lately

1. Isaac came home with a goodie bag a few days ago. There was clearly a birthday party at school and I set about trying to figure out who’s birthday it was. So first I asked him: “Who’s birthday was … Continue reading

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Blast from the Past

I’ve been flu-ey all weekend…and I’m still moving slow and taking lots of breaks as I get back on my feet. Last night, after taking my dose of NyQuil (LOVE that stuff), I lay in bed thinking about the day … Continue reading

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pecan bars and silly stories

I have a few silly stories for your holiday reading pleasure: 1. Isaac’s class has been talking about feelings…and now Isaac talks about feelings A LOT. When I’m showing signs of frustration he’ll run up to me and say “how … Continue reading

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