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Advent Prep

In the past few years I’ve been drawn to using a lot of white around here at Christmas to try to cut down on looking cluttered. Our apartment isn’t the biggest of urban dwellings and it can easily look messy…especially … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Banner

This year, in preparation for Thanksgiving, we are building a very simple Thanksgiving banner on our living room wall. Every night at dinner, we talk about one thing we are thankful for and we each fill out a tag. Then … Continue reading

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Halloween recap

So, all day yesterday I really wasn’t sure what would happen. Or if people would be trick-or-treating…or if stores would be open (can the employees even get to work?!)…but I decided that a) we’d watch out the window to monitor … Continue reading

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Bubble, bubble

Yesterday I made witches’ brew cookies. I was inspired to make these cookies because of this book and this blog. And these might have been the easiest cookies I’ve ever done. After baking the cookies, and letting them cool, I … Continue reading

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it was hot

We spent our Fourth Of July in Brooklyn Bridge park. We met our friends there, shared picnic fare and lounged in the shade. Andrew brought his magic set to preform a few tricks and amaze the crowd…and when they asked … Continue reading

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I have a sidekick with me this week. Isaac is tucked away in his summer program during the day and Andrew is still home. His summer program starts next week. Until then he’s been quite the sidekick. He’s been helping … Continue reading

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Easter Eggs: a photo essay

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Easter Banner

The boys and I made this simple Easter banner. I cut out little felt circles, they glued them to cardstock eggs. We added a few colorful felt triangles and stuck it to the wall. And as Andrew says: “It’s getting … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day! This year I actually sort of feel like a Valentine bum. Usually our apartment is be-dazzled in hearts and I have crafted up a storm of pink goodness to mail out to friends and relations…but this year…it … Continue reading

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Christmas Pics

Ours was lovely. I finished up my December Daily yesterday with lots of little stories. I’ll post that tomorrow with a lot of these same photos. I thought it was worth a little photo preview though. This week I have … Continue reading

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