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Road Trip with Kids

My mother was the master of the road trip. She would buy us little toys and coloring books and she kept them up at her feet in the front of the car. She’d distribute something new after meals to keep … Continue reading

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Spring Break!

For Spring Break this year, we drove out to Chicago! It’s a 13 hour car trip from New York to Chicago and we broke down the driving mid-way with hotel stays in Pennsylvania (on the way there) and Indiana (on … Continue reading

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This past weekend we drove down to Pennsylvania to celebrate my grandfather’s 90th birthday. My granddad is a family favorite as we’ve all somehow been affected by his kindness. There was a huge turnout to celebrate his birth and life. … Continue reading

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I’ve been meaning to record this story for a while. It seems like an important one in our family. And now it’s officially in the books. :) The journaling says: Isaac is an unusual name.   He gets called Isaiah sometimes.  … Continue reading

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When my Dad was a baby…

He was flying airplanes for the Air Force. Ok.  He wasn’t really a baby.  But he started at 21 and I’m now at a point in my life, when 21 sure seems like a baby.  Especially when we are talking … Continue reading

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at our house

We lost the remote to our AppleTV a while back.  Tiny things that they are, and eager TV watchers that we have, I’m not surprised.  So, Dave reprogrammed a remote we had for an air conditioner to work for the … Continue reading

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My Grandmom passed away on Friday. We found out three weeks ago that she was sick and then quickly and slowly, and suddenly and gradually, she slipped away. From here to there. My parents and my grandfather were with her, … Continue reading

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In the book An Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life, the author lists the things around her home that are broken. For some reason, it was an entry I really liked. It made her seem more real and endearing. And since … Continue reading

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someone’s gotta do it.

And in our family, it’s Dave. Now, I’m not downplaying my work. I do important stuff, all day long and it’s good and hard and wonderful and stressful. But, if it weren’t for him doing what he does, I couldn’t … Continue reading

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I have been reading A Tree Grows in Brooklyn and in the first chapter the author takes you through a typical 1912 Saturday for 9 year old Francie. It is fascinating. One of my favorite parts of that chapter is … Continue reading

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