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pigs and frogs

1. My kids love pigs lately. When we went to the Hot Air Balloon Festival last weekend, we stopped in at the show tents where farmers brought some livestock to show off and my kids LOVED the pigs. I take … Continue reading

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Yesterday Andrew started up another summer camp. He was in a computer camp that latest a week and now he’s going to the YMCA for crafts and field trips and swim lessons. Other kids in his class signed up to … Continue reading

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USA cookies

Since Isaac is pretty serious about states, capitals, flags, maps, etc right now, I thought we should do a little more for July 4th than we normally do. So, I got a USA shaped cookie cutter and we made cookies…together! … Continue reading

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Butterfly Pie

Okay, okay, I’ll say it. No butterflies were harmed in the making of this pie. But a whole bag of cherries was slaughtered creating crime scene fingers and juicy red splash marks on the shirts of the people doing the … Continue reading

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preparty cookies

I’ll be making cupcakes on Friday for Isaac’s birthday party that we are throwing this weekend…but…you know…that’s not until Friday! And we’ll have to share those cupcakes with the party friends! And it’s a rainy week which just calls for … Continue reading

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Being the Best

Isaac wants to win. He wants to win games we play, he wants to be the first to get his shoes on, he wants to be the fastest kid on the scooter. If Andrew pulls ahead in any area, Isaac … Continue reading

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I had so much trouble with these guys!

I wanted to make cookies that looked like marshmallow peep bunnies…but my flood icing was too thin and I couldn’t sink in eyes with icing and had to go with candy eyes. And…they just don’t look like peeps at all! … Continue reading

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full week!

Man! This week was a full one! At least for me and Andrew…with his 3 days of state testing and my Autism Awareness observing (and peep banner making!)…there was a lot going on. I asked Andrew if there was a … Continue reading

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planning for summer

Last week I got an email from an administrator at the boys’ school about summer camp. Usually, the school offers a “camp” to the kids in the boys’ program for four weeks in the summer. And though they expect to … Continue reading

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seeing rainbows

This week flew by! But, it’s been a really good week. I got an all-clear from my dermatologist on Monday. I got great reports from the boys’ teachers at parent-teacher conferences on Tuesday. I’ve been editing a shoot I did … Continue reading

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