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autism self-awareness: the conversation continues

Andrew and I have had a few more discussions about the ways he and Isaac are different from most of their peers and so far, I feel like these conversations are going REALLY well. Andrew and I have been reading … Continue reading

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slow reveal

Last week I faced a defining moment in talking with Andrew about autism. He had set up a simple question and I realized I could go either way. I could skirt it, or start to move forward. I decided to … Continue reading

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learning more

Last Friday I went to hear a panel on autism. And I loved it. The panel was part of a hacker conference. Didn’t see that coming, did you? Dave has a friend that is a hacker and one of the … Continue reading

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check up

Day to day, living with my boys just feels regular. It’s just daily life. Andrew is Andrew and Isaac and Isaac and really…it’s as simple as that. Two hilarious, energetic, snuggly, sweet, loving boys. But every now and than, especially … Continue reading

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pretend play

I’ve written about pretend play before (woah! that was two years ago!), and I’m sure it’ll come up again, but there have been some recent developments with pretend play around here that I’m finding sort of exciting. A friend recently … Continue reading

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A little over two years ago, one of my good friends was in an accident. Caitlin was riding her bike late at night and was hit by a black livery. She was pulled under the car and the worst of … Continue reading

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Advocacy Update

After months of all being quiet on the advocacy front, there were three things in the last week and half where I got to both practice my advocacy voice AND see the fruits of using it. 1. My favorite of … Continue reading

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last week: this week

Last week I was plagued by my perspective on my kids. Do I make everything about autism? Does that drive people away? IS everything about autism? Am I allowed to see their autism? Talk about it? Respect it? Embrace it? … Continue reading

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social skills

I read once that people that live in the margins are able to break through our cultural norms and show us greater truths from beyond ourselves. I can’t find the quote and it was better worded and sounded more academic … Continue reading

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This was one of those scrapbook pages that I thought through for a while before putting it together. We hit an intense stage with Isaac late this past fall and I wanted to document it. I wanted to document it … Continue reading

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