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Ready for a new word to add to your lexicon? Ok. Here it is: synesthesia! Reader and instagram follower, barbiezen, mentioned it to me last week. I immediately looked it up when I saw her comment, and it blew my … Continue reading

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the sibling effect

Isaac just turned five. (It seems to be what I’ve mostly been blogging about! tired of it yet? this’ll be the last post…promise!) When Andrew turned five, my heart broke. It up and shattered on me. It was the first … Continue reading

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weekend: Autism Speaks Walk

This weekend we went to our first Autism related event. I didn’t realize that this was a family first for us, until Dave pointed it out as we were walking in. “How are you? This is a first for us. … Continue reading

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Autism Awareness Month

April is Autism Awareness Month and Isaac’s school does many things to celebrate. One of the things they do is hang posters in the halls that offer words of support to parents and caregivers of autistic children. When I saw … Continue reading

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autism self-awareness: an update

After months of no movement on talking to Andrew about autism, we’ve begun to move forward again. 1. He tells me that he’s very rare. By that he means ‘unique’. And I agree: “there’s no one like you Andrew.” When … Continue reading

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I first heard of Malcolm Gladwell on RadioLab a few weeks ago. I was listening to a show on success and one of the show’s hosts was debating Gladwell on the idea of genius. Gladwell doesn’t believe in “geniuses” as … Continue reading

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an art show

As I’ve mentioned here before, my friend, Caitlin Hurd, was in a car accident almost 3 years ago. She had several serious injuries from the accident and needed multiple surgeries. About a year and a half after the accident, after … Continue reading

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pronoun mix up

Sage Bread…just more evidence of yesterday’s nor-easter baking For the past several months, I’ve been so glad that Isaac was talking that I couldn’t really see what he’d be working on next in Speech Therapy. He was TALKING! It’s AMAZING!! … Continue reading

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getting it together

I’ve started the process of getting Isaac into Andrew’s program for Kindergarten next year. And so far it’s just been a few emails, one form and a follow up phone call. This process will probably be on the smooth side, … Continue reading

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One of the most challenging, gut wrenching, growth inducing things about raising Isaac is how many unknowns there are. Isaac had always been way behind his peer group in many areas of development…and although that is challenging in itself, predicting … Continue reading

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