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autism self-awareness: an update

After months of no movement on talking to Andrew about autism, we’ve begun to move forward again. 1. He tells me that he’s very rare. By that he means ‘unique’. And I agree: “there’s no one like you Andrew.” When … Continue reading

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Looking through these photos for today’s post, I had several thoughts. First, I didn’t think this hike was that great. We drove out to Pennsylvania with a destination in mind that we discovered was closed. So, we found another trail … Continue reading

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my kid’s friends

I *love* the kids in Andrew’s class. Maybe too much. I love seeing them and talking to them. I love when Andrew has stories about them to share. I feel really protective of each of them…which honestly surprises me. But … Continue reading

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fortune cookie flop

Andrew’s been asking me for weeks if we could make fortune cookies. It is THE cookie of choice for secret agents. (who knew?) He had a whole plan. He would write out the fortunes, I would make the cookies and … Continue reading

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1. The other day I asked Andrew what his Occupational Therapist looks like. I’ve never met her, but now that I am at the school everyday to pick him up (school bus strikes DRAGS on!), I wondered if I had … Continue reading

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this year’s thank you notes

Another round of thank you notes have been made and sent. I made mine out of some supplies that I had around, plus some new things I got for Christmas. I’m really happy with how they came out. I love … Continue reading

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Yesterday I gathered a bunch of photos about Andrew’s Curiosity obsession and put them together into a scrapbook page to commemorate this phase. He still loves that rover and we follow it on instagram (that’s right! there is a Curiosity … Continue reading

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Remember last week when I was talking about wanting my kids to build out their skills some? I was mainly talking about bike riding and swimming….but something skill-baced since landed in our laps! (and remember how I said that I … Continue reading

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I had waited long enough. I needed to hear from Andrew’s teacher. He hadn’t really said much about how Andrew was doing and Andrew was reporting “I’m SO good in school, Mommy!” But could that really be true? Andrew is … Continue reading

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autism self-awareness: the conversation continues

Andrew and I have had a few more discussions about the ways he and Isaac are different from most of their peers and so far, I feel like these conversations are going REALLY well. Andrew and I have been reading … Continue reading

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