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IEP meeting

Today I have Andrew’s IEP meeting. (IEP stands for Individualized Educational Plan…and it’s the document that outlines the services he’ll need over the next year.) It’s early this year. Usually we meet in April, but the team decided to go … Continue reading

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Christmas Chimney 2013

Last year, Andrew learned the truth about Santa. It was very emotional for all of us, filled with a huge helping of mama-regret (I came clean once he started asking questions), but it turned into something sort of neat. He … Continue reading

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A Conversation with Andrew

About a year and a half ago I realized that one day I would need to talk to my kids about Autism and their own diagnoses that put them on the spectrum. I’m not usually one to have that kind … Continue reading

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online communities

Last night I sat with Andrew as he introduced himself to his first online community. A few weeks ago someone mentioned to us the idea of letting Andrew play his Minecraft game online with other kids. “No way.” I said. … Continue reading

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ballet: an update

– We’re at the one month mark for ballet class. – He still loves it. – He’s not only the only boy in his class, but there are so few boys in this ballet school that the woman registering us … Continue reading

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Last Spring, Andrew ‘graduated out’ of physical therapy. He was passing the tests you needed to not pass in order to qualify for PT…so…he didn’t need it anymore! At his last IEP meeting, his Physical Therapist, on announcing Andrew’s ‘graduation’ … Continue reading

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Secret Agent Birthday Recap

Yesterday Andrew had his Secret Agent Birthday Party, and it was a pretty good time. ;) The first thing everyone did was get in Secret Agent attire. They wore hats, glasses and, my favorite part, the fingerstache. Then we played … Continue reading

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Secret Agent Birthday

Andrew’s Secret Agent Birthday is this weekend! And honestly, I’m a little confused by the theme. I mean, it’s super fun, don’t get me wrong…but I thought he didn’t want anyone to know about his secret agent/spy interests. HOW many … Continue reading

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weekend: Autism Speaks Walk

This weekend we went to our first Autism related event. I didn’t realize that this was a family first for us, until Dave pointed it out as we were walking in. “How are you? This is a first for us. … Continue reading

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1. While going through the Autism Awareness posters one day last week, Andrew came over to investigate. He read through the posters “My child is autistic. My child is beautiful.” It was the first time I had heard him say … Continue reading

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