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big plans

Saturday is Dave’s birthday. When I told the boys this, Andrew started cooking up a big plan. He was going to build a machine that hangs from the ceiling and lets go of a bunch of balloons when Dave walks … Continue reading

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Yesterday Andrew started up another summer camp. He was in a computer camp that latest a week and now he’s going to the YMCA for crafts and field trips and swim lessons. Other kids in his class signed up to … Continue reading

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I love making a collection of photos to show the passing of time for my boys’ birthdays. This morning, I made this one of Andrew showing him from about one week old to nine years and I loved it so … Continue reading

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has been wanting to know and know and know more lately. A few days ago he was asking me what I knew about Greek gods…and I told him what I could remember and he kept saying “okay, so tell me … Continue reading

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Andrew’s Minecraft Party

Saturday was Andrew’s birthday party. And I think it’s time to officially stop worrying that his friends won’t come this time. Because as each parent arrived, they talked about how much their kid reminded and reminded them about the party. … Continue reading

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party prepping

Andrew is having some friends over tomorrow for his birthday party. :) He’s having a minecraft party (of course!) and we spent some time yesterday prepping some party favors. He’s so excited! I think it’s going to be a great … Continue reading

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the end of dance season

Andrew only has a class or two left of ballet this year. And I’m all reflective about his time in ballet. I feel some relief at this season ending. The schlep to get there is no joke, and sometime in … Continue reading

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Ballet Recital!

This past weekend was Andrew’s ballet recital. I hadn’t really thought much about it as we trudged to class each week. I knew it was coming. I video taped parts of the routine so Andrew could practice at home. I … Continue reading

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planning for summer

Last week I got an email from an administrator at the boys’ school about summer camp. Usually, the school offers a “camp” to the kids in the boys’ program for four weeks in the summer. And though they expect to … Continue reading

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high energy!

Over Winter Break last week, I was reminded about just how high energy Andrew is. Oh my. He is INCREDIBLY high energy. From the moment he wakes up to the moment he falls sleep, he’s going at full tilt. He’s … Continue reading

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