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Advocacy voice, an update

Yesterday I had an ah-ha! moment. I realized that I had found my advocacy voice. Just like that! So, let me explain a little. A few years ago I was in a position where I had to advocate for Andrew … Continue reading

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Advocacy Voice

This school year, I’ve had to polish off my advocacy voice again. And it’s still not easy for me at all. I try to think back, at a time when I was actively, almost daily, honing my advocacy voice and … Continue reading

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Advocacy: January

Advocacy was my word for the year in 2012…and what a journey that’s been. Although I don’t really want to claim advocacy as my “word for 2013”, I recognize that it’s a skill that I will be building on for … Continue reading

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Advocacy Update

After months of all being quiet on the advocacy front, there were three things in the last week and half where I got to both practice my advocacy voice AND see the fruits of using it. 1. My favorite of … Continue reading

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When Andrew started attending the program he’s in, he was the only white student in the school. His school is in an African American neighborhood and the majority of students are African American. There is also a small Chinese population … Continue reading

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Advocacy: early January

I’ve done some more work on my advocacy project. Last week Andrew’s teacher and I talked on the phone for about an hour. I had had some questions that I sent in with Andrew and she called me to answer … Continue reading

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