This weekend Dave rented me a fisheye lens to play with. I LOVE lens distortion lately…and I get cool lens distortion from time to time with the lens I regularly use, but the distortion from a fisheye was so much fun. :)


though not particularly flattering… ha!


You can adjust how much distortion you get from the lens. And the closer the subject is to the lens the cooler/creepier the effect. ;) But it also can just fit more into the frame. We went to the Long Island Children’s Museum this weekend and I love how I was able to get *some* distortion, but also benefit from the wide angle the fisheye offers.



These just look so fun to me. :)



Also this weekend (this time with my regular lens), we got out the projector, which we haven’t done in a long time. I asked Andrew ahead of time if he remembered the steps to thread the projector and he said “I think I need some retraining.” Retraining? Ok! Coming up!

Isaac helped by putting on the take-up reel. :)

Zaida Jan 2014-3416

And then Andrew and Dave settled in for some retraining.

Zaida Jan 2014-3432

Zaida Jan 2014-3495

Zaida Jan 2014-3446 Zaida Jan 2014-3497

Then it was show time. :) It never matters what we movie we put in…(most of our films are quirky educational films from the 50’s)… it’s the process that’s so fun!

Zaida Jan 2014-3471

Zaida Jan 2014-3504

Honestly, I’ve had a lot of trouble getting my footing this January. The flu smacked us down for over two weeks and it feels like we never really got back into the swing of things since coming back from winter break. Here’s hoping that this is the week that gets us back on track! Fingers crossed!

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4 Responses to weekend

  1. Ruth says:

    Glad to hear you are back upright and able to get out and about again. I have news re NYC in April, so will email you.

  2. MamaV says:

    cute! love the dark pictures of the boys plastered against the screen.

    is this that iphone fish lens you were talking about?

  3. I love your fisheye lens shots, Robyn! I was gifted a fisheye lens, bought an adapter ring for my camera and have yet to use it. Seeing your shots has inspired me. Super fun!

    And your photos of the projector process are adorable. :o)

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