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Things I noticed while putting together this scrapbook page:

1. This page is about the Autism Speaks 5K that our family went to last Spring. (I wrote about it here…and this text is also what I used for the journaling for this scrapbook page.) Since Andrew and I recently talked about his diagnosis, I feel more free to use the word “Autism” in front of him. I feel better about making something like this to add to the scrapbooks because I’m not worried about ‘how it will go’ anymore. “How will it go when he finds out?!” I know how it went now! :)  No need to worry about that part.  And having Andrew in the loop gives me a certain freedom and transparency that I didn’t feel before.


2. The writing on this page starts with me feeling uncomfortable about being at the event because of how much the word “Autism” was around. And honestly, that’s something that still might rattle me a little…not as much as it did then…I think my associations with the word are changing for the better. It’s very important to me that my boys avoid negative associations with the word “autism” as much as possible…so I wondered about including my own discomfort. But in the end, I decided that it would be okay. It’s okay if they know that it took me some time to get my footing with the word “autism” and it’s role in our family.

3. My photography has changed! :) This event was hard to photograph because it was such harsh, direct sunlight. And I wasn’t sure how to handle that back then, so I just took the photos and hoped I could “fix” them in photoshop. I did end up doing a lot of editing work on these…but now I think I’d feel so much more comfortable with shooting in those conditions than I did then. :)

4. I LOVE the banner at the top. I feel like it was totally made me for me. Yeah, yeah, yeah…it could be for any kid. I know. :) Our family hasn’t cornered the market on the term “special”…but “special” is so much a part of our fast, regular, family vernacular that when I saw “Special kind of kid” it struck a cord for me in way that it wouldn’t have if “special” wasn’t so much a part of our lives.

And…those are the things I noticed while putting this page together yesterday. :) Makes it a pretty successful layout, if you ask me!

Both my boys are home sick today. We have big plans for cuddles (yay!) and watching WAY too many episodes of the “Transformers” TV show from the 80’s. (help me!) Stay healthy!

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