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1. The Nutcracker

This year I really wanted to take Andrew to see the Nutcracker. Since he’s taking ballet, I knew he would enjoy it now more than ever…and I’m not sure how long he’ll take ballet (though I’m hoping it’ll be for a long time!)…so I wanted to go ahead and go this year. It was really important to me to get good seats because I thought it would really affect his experience. So, to save some money, I chose to go on a school night in order to afford the better seats. :) Makes sense, right?

I got him a picture book of the Nutcracker this year too and gave it to him a few weeks ago without mentioning the tickets. I wanted him to understand the story of it going in.

So, last Wednesday came and when he finished his homework I told him to go ahead and look at the advent calendar to see what today’s activity was. It took him a little while to understand exactly what we were doing, but once it sunk in, he was thrilled. Let’s check in with Andrew now to see his reaction to being in the theatre:


ha! very happy! And he loved the show! He was literally on the edge of his seat whispering things like “they did just a fifth position plie!” and asking about the story line and laughing at the little mischief-making mouse scampering about the stage.

During intermission, we filed out to use the bathroom and he ran into one of the other students in his ballet class. She actually saw him first and said “hey!” He smiled and walked over. She was standing with a friend and Andrew said to the friend “She’s in my ballet class. And she’s the best one!” Which is actually true. This little girl stands out in there. Then he and some of the other kids watching the show were showing each other different ballet positions (Andrew in his winter boots!) in the cafe.

We went back to our seats to watch the second half. By then Andrew was getting pretty tired. He was still enjoying it, but I think he was also ready to go home and go to bed. :)

I’ve seen the Nutcracker before, but I was watching it differently this time. Mostly I was watching the male dancers very closely. Do men wear pointe shoes? or just women? (just women!) HOW does he lift her like that?! (I still don’t know!) These dancers are STRONG. Also, I once heard that in ballet, the dancers are telling a story with their feet. So this time I was looking at everyone’s feet to see if it was true. :) I appreciated it all so much more after watching my kid’s ballet class every week. And it was really fun to share it with Andrew.

Then, the next morning…

2. Parents Magazine

photo 1

So, Parents Magazine is doing an issue on Special Needs kids this Spring. Isaac’s old preschool got in touch with me about it because they wanted me to send in some photos I’ve taken of their students. I misunderstood and thought I was sending in photos to be considered for publication…but actually they needed the photos to see the kids ahead of time to decide which ones they wanted to come in for their own photo shoot. So I sent them links to various galleries I have of different Special Needs kids, including the gallery I have of Andrew and Isaac. Later they told me that when they saw this photo of Isaac, they decided they definitely wanted him to come in.

So, I was a little disappointed that they didn’t want to use one of *my* photos. :) And honestly I hemmed and hawed about dragging Isaac downtown for this. But, in the end…we did it.

And I’m really glad we did. It was pretty simple. We showed up at the studio, they showed us a (pretty crazy!) outfit for Isaac to wear (yes. ┬áthose are green jeans!), tidied his red curls and set him loose on the set. I wasn’t allowed to take photos of the set. :) Isaac’s not one to look at the camera and smile…but he did really well. I’m not sure if they’ll use any of the photos of Isaac in the issue….but I’ll definitely let you know if they do!

photo 2

And this marks the beginning of Isaac’s lucrative modeling career. ;) ha!

So…it’s been a big week and I’m ready to kick back already! :) I’m very glad that it’s Friday.

Have a lovely weekend!

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6 Responses to two stories

  1. I was hoping you’d blog about your Nutcracker experience. I just love the happy photos of Andrew, and it warmed my heart that he acknowledged the little girl’s ballet talent in front others. How awesome!

    And your little peach, Isaac? Oh, that kid. He’ll make a perfect model and I’ll be able to say “I knew him when…”

    PS: Did he get to keep the jeans? ;o)

  2. Debs says:

    Two fab stories. What an exciting opportunity for Isaac, be sure to let us know if he makes it into print!

  3. Vicki Dill says:

    What an interesting and atypical week you and the boys have had. Love the pictures and love the story of Andrew socializing during the intermission. Love him giving her her “props”!! Adore that picture of Isaac-it looks like he is playing to the camera. Of course your boys have “some” experience with a camera :)

  4. Susan says:

    What an awesome story about Andrew during intermission. id you know Maurice Sendak designed Nutcracker show? They did a televised version an its on Amazon to rent. We love it. You can get the story illustrated by him, too, though its chapter-book length.

    Glad to hear things went well with Parents!

  5. Plume says:

    I love all of this! And the green jeans too!

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