pecan bars and silly stories


I have a few silly stories for your holiday reading pleasure:

1. Isaac’s class has been talking about feelings…and now Isaac talks about feelings A LOT. When I’m showing signs of frustration he’ll run up to me and say “how did that make you feel??” And I’ll say “I’m frustrated, Isaac!” and he’ll say “don’t be frustrated. Be happy. Do your mouth like this to feel happy.” Then he shows me a strange face that’s suppose to be a ‘smiling face’. It’s very helpful. Well, my friends, we are not yet out of the woods with potty training Isaac…so it’s still something we talk about with him A LOT. The other night, after using the potty, he pointed to its contents and said in a very excited voice “does THAT make you feel happy??” oh indeed.

2. Speaking of potty training, Isaac had an accident in school last week, the first in a long time. The teacher’s assistant brought him to the bathroom for him to clean himself up, and when he pulled down his pants she heard him quietly say to himself “uh oh. I made a mistake.” :) So cute! …and a really good sign of progress! :)

3. We are lighting candles every night at dinner as part of our advent activities. Isaac has stopped singing Happy Birthday! Every time I light a candle. But he did wish me a “Happy Day We Light Candles, Mommy!” Candles are just so festive!

And that’s all I got today! :)

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3 Responses to pecan bars and silly stories

  1. Oh my gosh – so cute! Most men don’t like to talk about their feelings, so I’m glad to know that Isaac is learning all about them at a young age. I love your boy’s silly stories! :o)

  2. Ruth says:

    Silly stories? No, absolutely not. They are perfect for blog posts and scrapbook pages.

  3. Vicki Dill says:

    Keep um coming!! Stories like this are what makes my day bearable as I go from task to task!! Famous phrase–“Out of the mouth of babes”–whoever coined that must have known an Isaac!!

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