Isaac loves Andrew


1. We told the boys at dinner night before last, that NASA launched Maven. Maven is a satellite headed to Mars. It’s going to examine the atmosphere to try to answer some questions that the work of Curiosity has brought up. Mostly, to answer “where did the water go?!” Anyway, when Mars came up both Andrew and Isaac started talking about rockets and rovers and machines headed to Mars. They love that stuff. Then Isaac said “I want to go to Mars. But I want to bring Andrew.”

2. Isaac has been asking me questions about pregnancy. He asks “When I was in your belly, you put eyes and ears on my head and you made me a body? why?” “why did you make me a boy?” “do I go back inside your belly?” I’m not sure how all this came up, but it’s clearly something that he’s figuring out right now. Where he came from, how babies grow in mama’s bellies, etc. When he was going on about this one night he asked “did you make Andrew for me?” :)

3. Last night Andrew and I had a heated exchange. I was feeling overwhelmed by Andrew’s energy and I snapped and Andrew left the room crying. It wasn’t pretty and it wasn’t a parenting moment I’m proud of. Isaac HATED it. He stood in front of me, tears in his eyes, saying “Mommy! You go say sorry to Andrew! You HURT Andrew!” Then, while I was reconciling with Andrew, Isaac paced around saying “Mommy, that’s not NICE. That’s not NICE you hurting Andrew.” Then he made me a little chart to remind me to be nice. Alright, little lamb. Noted. I will try to be nicer to Andrew and keep my cool when he’s driving me crazy.

I’m a little sister to both a sister and a brother. And I can definitely relate to Isaac’s feeling about Andrew. My sister was the COOLEST girl around. Her friends were cool, she knew all the cool things and she’d give me cool tips. My brother, decidedly uncool, was however the big and wise oldest sibling. He knew this and that because of his experience with that and this. I’ve looked up to both of them for different reasons and I can clearly remember feeling towards my siblings some of what Isaac feels about Andrew. It’s actually kind of heartwarming to watch. :)

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7 Responses to Isaac loves Andrew

  1. Marti says:

    The most attention-grabbing line in this post for me was when you said Chuck wasn’t cool! He always seems sooo cool in your stories, I feel like I have years of evidence to the contrary. I just can’t buy it, Robyn. Chuck was cool. ;)

    • Robyn says:


      well… Chuck himself claims to not be cool…and it seems like something he’s sort of proud of. :) The Star Trek and comics and whatnot. He likes to point to all of that and claim how uncool he is. ;)

      But, it’s true. he IS cool…in his way. ha!

  2. Oh this is so cute. My favorite part was when Isaac asked if you made Andrew for him. Love! (I was getting nervous wondering where that conversation was leading…)

  3. Rebecca says:

    I love how Chuck is ‘uncool’ and yet very cool because of it!

  4. Vicki Dill says:

    I could not “like” this post enough!!!! On every level!! By the way, Chuck is the “coolest” guy around!

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