Last November we made a gratitude banner during the month of December. Each day the four of us would write something we are grateful for to add to the banner. And it was fairly successful. I feel like Andrew definitely understood what to do, and by in large, he would chose things that he really was grateful for. Isaac didn’t really understand the project. Each time, when I’d ask him what he was grateful for…or what he *really, really* liked…or what he feels happy about… no matter how I phrased it, he just didn’t seem to understand. He’d respond with the color of whatever marker I was using to record what he was grateful for. For example, on the days I was using a blue marker, he’d respond to “what are you thankful for?” with “blue.” But, as I can be stubborn about these kinds of things, I tarried on, all November, recording his colorful answers and hoping he’d catch on.

This year? He’s a gratitude rockstar! And a funny one! One night he was grateful for “Mommy, Daddy, Andrew”, the next night “Family” … and when I pointed out that he sort of did that the night before, he insisted that “family” is different from “Mommy, Daddy, Andrew”. And one night “Brother Andrew” was his answer…also showing me how different that was from his other two answers. He’s also been grateful for video games and toys…so it’s not all family related for him. :) Andrew is *mostly* grateful for video games, though sometimes he’s had surprising answers like “homework”. huh?

I really like activities like this. I like incorporating daily routines that give a nod to the season we are in, that encourage us to talk about gratitude, and that prepare us for an upcoming holiday. :)




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3 Responses to gratitude

  1. Ruth says:

    Homework? You’ve got to love how they think!

    • Robyn says:

      haha! I actually thought of you as I was typing this up! I wondered if the TBC will ever have a day of feeling grateful for homework. And I hope, for your sake, that he does! Poor little guy!

  2. MamaV says:

    love it.

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