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We were planning on carving pumpkins over the weekend, but our weekend filled up and spilled over right before our eyes…and we didn’t get to it.

Both boys had firm opinions on what they wanted on their pumpkins. Andrew wanted a “Minecraft Pumpkin” with boxy features. Isaac wanted a pumpkin with the exact same features as this little plastic pumpkin we have kicking around.

Andrew did much better this year about helping get out the seeds. He’s not a gooey-texture type of guy and usually stands way back during the cleaning. This year he was able to help a little. He’d scoop some seeds out, complain, wash his hands, express discomfort and then try to get more seeds out. :)

Isaac tried eating the orange pumpkin strings. I don’t get that. He won’t eat normal things like chicken nuggets, but he *had* to try to eat some of the pumpkin goo.

As I was making the initial cuts into the tops of the pumpkin, Isaac started scrambling to turn the lights off. I think he thought that the pumpkin would emit light as soon as it was cut open. But I was wielding a sharp knife and demanded the lights stay on until we were done with the knives.

Dave got home during the “clean out the pumpkin” stage of things. He was watching me immaculately clean the inside of Isaac’s pumpkin and asked “is your mom coming to visit the inside of that pumpkin?” no!! Like she would inspect that kind of thing… and for the record, she’s never showed up with white gloves to inspect my home. :) But I do like to deep clean when she comes. More for me than her. ;) And…I do like a clean pumpkin whether or not anyone else notices.

Once the carving was done, the boys turned off the lights and we enjoyed our handiwork. Isaac kept announcing that the “light is coming out of my pumpkin!” And it was!

After carving, I tried to get the boys to watch “The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown”. We’ve usually watched it ad nauseam by this point in the season, but this year Isaac runs out of the room declaring it too scary each time I’ve tried to put it on. He doesn’t like the part when Linus jumps into the leaves with a wet lollipop. He’s so scared about it, he now calls it “the Leaf Movie” and his chin trembles and his eyes well with tears when it comes up! Poor little booger. So, Andrew and I watched it after Isaac went to bed.







And now we have carved pumpkins! I like keeping them inside. I usually have to because we don’t have an outdoor area to put them, but this year we have an outdoor area and I can’t bring myself to put them out there. So I leave them at the table and we eat our meals by pumpkin light. :)

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3 Responses to pumpkins: 2013

  1. Susan says:

    I love Andrew’s pumpkin. We are having the same Charlie Brown issue but Willuam is scared of the owl. He is begging me to watch Thsnksgiving instead. But I cdmt allow that before November 1, of course ;)

  2. Susan says:

    Sorry about all the typos. Sheesh!

  3. Vicki Dill says:

    I’m with Isaac, at least one pumpkin must look like “it should”!! Also carving pumpkins in the dark would add a whole new level of “scary” to Halloween!! Have fun. This brings back so many happy memories. We get no visits living out here but remember living in VA and all the kids we’d get or worse yet–living on the Air Force Base!
    Happy Happy Halloween!!!

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