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Last week I went all shutterbug on my poor family to document a Week in The Life. I’ve done this three times before and I assembled it all as I went. This time I just focused on the photos each day and over the next few days I’m going to be assembling the photos into a digital album that I plan to have printed at blurb.com.

So…here’s a look at some highlights!


WITL Monday-0208 WITL Monday-0213
First Day Back at School

WITL Monday-0247
Working on some photo editing

WITL Monday-0262
Isaac had a half day and was the first one home.

WITL Monday-0282
Spaced out at snack time.

WITL Monday-0292
Working on a Mario paper doll project (homework was SUPER light last week)

WITL Monday-0341
3 at dinner. Some nights Dave doesn’t make it home in time. We always set him a place though…Isaac wouldn’t let us do otherwise. :)


Still adjusting to their 6am wake up time.

Post-run bed making.

I’ve been doing all the weird little chores that have stacked up. Like organizing the homework basket.

Waiting for the school bus.

The kids watched Wipeout while I made dinner.

I am bathing someone, you just can’t see him.

There he is!

Andrew’s been using his wii minutes for sword fighting. He sweats SO much while he plays. He takes it VERY seriously.


Early morning.

Laundry was delivered by our new laundry guy.  It’s all washed, folded and ready to be put away. All at about 60 cents per pound of laundry!  I LOVE our new system.  :)

Making a birthday card for my brother.

Again, waiting for the school bus.  I was particularly worried because it was over 90 degrees and the bus does not have air conditioning.

Andrew made a birthday card for Uncle Chuck.

I had a shoot that night and I brought some props along.


Cleaning!  This was the first time I really deep cleaned this new apartment (even washing the disgusting blinds!).  REALLY helps me feel like the place is mine to wash away all the grit from the last tenants.

After school: reading notes from teachers, eating snacks

Making birthday presents for Dave.  Little Angry Birds paper dolls.

untitled-0930Pasta night!  And Dave made it home for dinner!


Isaac usually needs some after school snuggles.

playing keyboard

Andrew’s building a Present Presenting Robot while Isaac plays keyboard.

It’s Dave’s birthday and the birthday boy is home!  Time to roll out the Present Presenting Robot, lift the gate and…

There’s a present inside!

Everyone was very excited about the cake.  I made a Chocolate Bundt cake, which Isaac called a Donut Cake because of it’s shape.


Clean sheets.

More block play.

I had a Portraiture Class on Saturday afternoon.

And Dave met me afterwards for a biking date. :)


the boys were up early.

There was a street fair down the block.

And the boys bounced like crazy in the bouncy castles.

They both jump for as long as they can: Andrew smiling and laughing, Isaac with mostly serious expressions (it’s the kind of thing he takes seriously).

Sushi for dinner and a documentary on Antarctica for our Sunday dinner entertainment.

And that’s what I got!

Well, that’s not true…I have hundreds more…but those are the highlights. :) More to come!

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I stopped teaching Kindergarten in 2005 to become the mom of two crazy boys here in Brooklyn. At first I thought being a stay at home mom meant that I needed to pour all my time and energy directly into my sons, but I realized somewhere along the way that being a rockstar mom meant not only taking good care of my boys, but also taking good care of myself. And taking good care of myself means pursuing something creative...just about everyday. I started Made In Brooklyn to motivate myself in my creative goals as well as share my work with others and perhaps inspire them in their own creative journeys.
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6 Responses to week in the life

  1. I LOVE this!!!

    1. how awesome are little boys in backpacks? just kills me
    2. NYC–cheap full-service laundry!! And sushi takeout! I DO miss nyc!!
    3. 6am is early wake-up?? Can we switch for a week??
    4. Where did you move? Are you still in Bay Ridge?

    • Robyn says:

      Hey Danielle!

      I know…the laundry is pretty amazing. I don’t really miss our washer and dryer AT ALL. WHY does anyone have a washer dryer when there are such great laundry places?!

      6am is SO early for them. They’re more 7am kids. But…we also were recently on the West Coast and never *quite* got back on track before school started…so that made the adjustment particularly rough.

      Switch? and have to get up earlier? nope! ;) Sorry! ha!

      We are in Sunset Park now. And so far, so good!

  2. Julie says:

    I love this Day in the Life…I like to follow others but have yet to do it myself. Maybe one day! My favorite picture is the one of the cake for Dave’s birthday…the look on Isaac’s face while he stares at it with fork in hand! Too cute!

  3. Debs says:

    Your week was way busier than mine! I can’t imagine putting little kids on a school bus, I understand you waiting anxiously for it, I’d be the same. Over here we parents ferry our kids back and forth. We were in walking distance of all the schools they went to (much moaning on the morning walks I can assure you!)

  4. Tabitha says:

    I’m loving the self portraits in this post!

  5. MamaV says:

    these are always so fun!

    wait, you’re happy to no longer have laundry?! just wait until the kids catch a big pukie virus that didn’t make it into the toilet. you’ll be missing the convenience of your own machines then! ;)

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