Mix together 1 part water to 1 1/2 parts corn starch. Add green food coloring and two boys at opposite ends of the sensory spectrum (Andrew can’t STAND to feel gooey things, Isaac could bathe in it)… and it makes for a fun afternoon.






It’s called oobleck and I found a recipe for it here. It’s neither a liquid or a solid, which was the hook for Andrew (that and he didn’t have to touch it…he could just use spoons) and it mixes into a remarkably gooey goo, which was the hook for Isaac. A perfect Rice family experiment if ever there was one. :)

Have a great weekend!

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2 Responses to slime

  1. holy cow–I can’t believe how BIG Isaac is!! Time is a flyin’!!
    Love this blog and all your good writing!

  2. MamaV says:

    we call it “gak” over here. i love seeing isaac smile.

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