– I was worried about this pie. The crust didn’t turn out like I wanted it to…I thought it wouldn’t taste that great…but we seem to keep devouring pieces of it after dinner.

– I give them all bowls with a small slice of pie and a scoop of ice cream. Isaac stirs his. “Mommy, I’m a snoof!” he tells me. “ummm….a chef?” “yeah! I’m making strawberry juice!” which doesn’t make any sense at all…it’s a Peach Blueberry Pie…nothing strawberry about it at all…but when we try to tell him that, he stands his ground. Don’t mess with a snoof in the middle of making his strawberry juice.

– It still feels strange to bake in my new kitchen. Especially when I have to roll something out…like a pie crust. It’s a whole new set-up and height and countertop to adjust to. Maybe that’s why the crust didn’t turn out quite right. It was feeling a little off too.

Have a lovely weekend and see you Monday!

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    hah hah! Isaac!

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