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Beach Week 2013-9592

I had every intention of having a regular “weekend” post for today! But…I left my camera battery in the charger and didn’t realize it until I pulled out my camera, on the picturesque Hudson river, ready to shoot a little, only to figure out my oversight. So, my poor instagram followers were slammed with a stream of instagrams that would have otherwise been proper shots posted here. I often feel bad for the brave souls following me on instagram.

Instead, I spent some time today organizing and editing the beach photos that I am still working through. :) So, I’ll share that.

My parents rent a beach house on the Jersey Shore every summer for two weeks. My brother’s family comes for one week, my sister’s family for the other…and my branch usually overlaps with both families by going from Wednesday to Wednesday. So, I am now at the beach photos that feature my sister’s family!

Beach Week 2013-9454

Beach Week 2013-9369

Beach Week 2013-9383

My sister has three kids, shown above.

Beach Week 2013-9430

The middle one has hair so red we wonder if Isaac really qualifies as a redhead next to her. :) Andrew, certainly, does not.

Beach Week 2013-9360

The youngest one forgot her teeth.

Beach Week 2013-9437

And the oldest one, although ready to enter high school in the fall, still hasn’t developed a teenage-edge to him. At least from what I’ve seen. He’s still as sweet as can be. Maybe he just needs another year. ;)

And although the players changed, the game remains the same. Days at the beach, nights on the boardwalk.

Beach Week 2013-9472

Isaac and I spent some time this day drawing his Chicka Chicka Boom Boom tree in the sand.

Beach Week 2013-9469

His cousins had different sandy exploits in mind.

Beach Week 2013-9482

Beach Week 2013-9486

That afternoon, the Rice branch of the family, decided to do a little mini golfing.

Beach Week 2013-9515

Beach Week 2013-9523

Beach Week 2013-9535

Beach Week 2013-9571

Beach Week 2013-9560

And that evening, we went up on the boardwalk. At one point we waited for my parents on benches outside of a store they were in.

Beach Week 2013-9611

And we waited…

Beach Week 2013-9625

and waited…only to find out that they actually were not in that store at all, but had snuck gone back to the beach house without us. Not sure why, when they were with such a charming crowd…

Beach Week 2013-9632

I’m telling ya. You never know what you’re going to miss out on.

Beach Week 2013-9605

Hope you all had wonderful weekends with charged and present camera batteries!

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  1. Tara Whalen says:

    I need to fill you in on a few more Dillon stories so that you can “see” his teenage edge. Oh yes, it’s there. Eye-rolls and all.

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