the beach in manual

I started taking an 8 week photography course in Mid-May and it’s wrapping up now (we’re having a final show this Sunday!). My goal with the course was to learn how to use manual mode on my camera. I wanted less of the bells and whistles on my camera to be a mystery and I wanted to become more adept with my camera in general. I think I will ALWAYS want to be more adept at using my camera!

And…mission accomplished!

I now know how to use manual mode and I’ve been using manual mode exclusively for over a month. Before we left for the beach, I would switch it back to AV (a more automatic mode) from time to time. I kept forgetting I was in manual at events like Andrew’s birthday party…and then I’d realize 20 shots in that everything is incredibly underexposed because I wasn’t paying attention. So, I’d switch it to AV so I could just get some photos while still enjoying the party.

When we left for the beach I told myself I would stay in manual the whole time. The beauty of beach week is that everyday there are GREAT photo opportunities. If I’m underexposing one day, I have other days to practice. It’s not like our weekend adventures where I have two hours to snap and I want to walk away with something I like. Beach week is slower paced (for me), yet action packed (for my kids). The perfect combination to take my time and really sink into manual mode.

It’s such a great feeling to have removed some of the mystery. I feel like I have MUCH more control over what I am doing now because I just understand the whole thing better.

Next to figure out? A new process to upload photos to my blog. My current system has TOO many steps and a lot of the detail got lost in this upload! I can’t have that! I want you to see every grain of sand!

Hopefully you saw enough to get the idea. ;)

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  1. Debs14 says:

    I’d say you’ve well and truly mastered manual! Great photos. I love the positioning of the kids in front of the ‘watch your children’ sign! So much pure blue in these pictures – beautiful.

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