1. Isaac has a deep deep love for the book Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. It’s been pretty serious for about a year now. He also has Chicka, Chicka 123, AND Chicka, Chicka ABC and he likes to rewrite each of the books. He goes through reams and reams of paper drawing coconut trees, apple trees, and dancing letters and numbers. He’s careful to draw the letters and numbers in the same color as they appear in the book, as, accuracy IS paramount.

2. He could also spend hours drawing Mario worlds. Some of the Mario worlds are snowy and some are green and some are underwater…and so he tells me which months of the year correspond to each Mario world. For example, when it’s June, we’ll all be living in World 3.

3. Every day when the bus driver drops off Isaac he says “good bye, Isaac!” and I say “Isaac say goodbye!” Some days he says nothing. Some days he says a very quiet muffled goodbye…but the day that had us cracking up was the day I told Isaac to say goodbye and he said “OKAY!” but never actually said goodbye.

4. Andrew loves codes. I talked about that before…but it bears repeating: he loves codes. He’s been experimenting with different ways of leaving secret messages, but he has NOT been experimenting with different things the secret message should SAY. They are always either a super-secret declaration of love (“I love you, Mommy!”) or a request for more time playing video games (“can I play on your phone right now?”).

5. Andrew just finished the first four Encyclopedia Brown books. I LOVE this stage in reading. I love that he can sit on the couch at the end of the day and read a *chapter book*!! It’s so fun! Those Encyclopedia Brown mysteries are pretty hard to solve though, even for this super sleuthing mama…so we generally go over everything together after he reads it the first time. And then, if we’re really stuck, we just cheat and read the answer. I’m convinced, however, that that’s how all the great ones learn.

6. Lat night for homework, Andrew had to write about something that is unfair. He wrote about how unfair it is that he has to clear the table every night after dinner. It’s hard work and it keeps him from playing right away. He thinks that Isaac should clear the table some nights. “Mommy says that Isaac is too little to clear the table. But I think he is just the right sighs.” yup. “sighs.”

My card making has changed so much over the years. I never crack out my stamps anymore. I’m tempted to get a few new sets, but I just can’t find THE right ones. Until then, stickers are working out just great. :)

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  1. Susan says:

    Oh, man. I could never solve those Encyclopedia Brown mysteries. I still remember some of them.

  2. Mama V says:

    cute cute cute cute

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