notes on May First

– Isaac has been talking about the start of May since the end of March.

– He’s *really* into calendars right now. He talks about the months of the year and days of the week every day, several times a day. He likes to take my planner (I still use a paper planner! ack!) and sit with it on his lap and turn the pages looking at the months and days all neatly organized into a clever little book.

– He’s assigned each day a color: Monday is red, Tuesday is orange, Wednesday, I was surprised to learn, is pink. I’m guessing that the calendar they use in school has a red Monday card, and an orange Tuesday card, etc. And that’s where this comes from…but he takes it the next level. “Today is an orange day, Mommy and yesterday was a red day!”

– There was a day in March that they didn’t have school that he talks about all the time: March 15th. And now he uses “March 15th” to mean “no school”. When I told him yesterday, that he was going to stay home, he told me that “for Isaac today is March 15th!” meaning…”since I’m not going to school today, it’s just like that day in March when I didn’t go to school!” Then, he went to our family calendar and wrote “no school Isaac” on yesterday’s date.

– He’s so excited for May. His birthday is on May 8th and his party is this Saturday and all of these birthday revelries might be driving, or at least influencing, his growing calendar obsession. On Saturday he told me “two more tomorrows, and then it’s May!!”

– I made sure to change over the calendar last night, so it would be up and ready when he got up this morning. And oh man, I am so glad I did. He was SO EXCITED to see the new calendar. So, so excited. He was in mid-sentence about getting some oatmeal when he looked up and there it was. He stopped talking, stared, “look at that, Mommy! look at that!!!” Then he went over to it and spent a long time just taking it in. Never was a month loved more by a little boy than the month of May is loved by Isaac.

I’m wondering if Isaac’s obsession on time is influencing my own musings on time lately. To hear chatter about days and months and the rather gloomy, finite declaration “May 2012 is all done, Mommy” really does give me a steady stream of reminders on the ticking clock. What’s important, is to make each day count…and each day delicious. No time like the present for homemade croissants. Am I right?

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5 Responses to notes on May First

  1. Susan says:

    May is my favorite month, too, Isaac!

  2. Plume says:

    This made me smile. He’s adorable! And Isaac and I share a birthday month, yay for May!

    My son has been on a time kick lately, and I’m impressed with how well he understands it. But they do a “morning message” every day at school where they write the date and any other random stuff going on, so he frequently repeats what day today is, what day was yesterday, what day will be tomorrow, Saturday, Sunday… Apparently this concept of time is a pretty cool thing. ;)

  3. Miss Vicki says:

    Just wait till you tell him what happens in June!! Love this story!

  4. Rhona says:

    May’s a popular month here too with a number of birthdays in it ;). My BIL and nephew both have birthdays on the 8th so I’ll certainly remember Isaac’s xx

  5. Mama V says:

    this is adorable. makes me wonder if he is a synesthete (?).

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