I have been tinkering more and more with photoshop lately. I took a photoshop class a few years ago…and although I didn’t think I got much from it at the time (I left the class still scared of photoshop!), I can see now that a lot of the class content actually stuck!

For these invites, I started by scanning a picture that Isaac drew of the planets. I opened a new document and dropped in this photo of Isaac…which did NOT have all of that white space in it. I put Isaac in the corner and used the paint bucket tool to fill in the rest of the space the same color as the wall behind him. Then I sponged the line around Isaac smoothing out the background so it’s hard to tell where the original photo stops and where the color fill begins.

Still with me? ;)

Then I opened the file with the planets he drew. I used a “magnetic lasso” to select each planet one by one, copied them and dropped them into the white space. I moved them around to fill the space nicely.

Then I added text and voila! It took me about an hour. And I only needed three…and mailed them to people that already knew when and where the party is and most of them already said they were coming. But…it was fun! And I learned a lot! And I love that stuff!! sooo….. it doesn’t have to make sense, right? ;)

Then, when Isaac got home from school, he was VERY excited about the invitations. He made a few earths to include for each family.

And he wrote their names on the back.

But…the person he wants most at the party? the person he keeps asking me if he will be there? the first invitation that Isaac gave out? was for Andrew. “Andrew coming to the outer space party?” “I’m not sure. Andrew, are you going to be able to make it?” “YES! I’m coming!” ha! Love it.

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6 Responses to invites

  1. Susan says:

    That guest list is shocking. Decided to really change it up this year, huh?


    Can’t wait to meet all the new babies!

  2. Cathy says:

    great invites! The look perfectly professional! So cute that Issac wanted to invite Andrew.

  3. Miss Vicki says:

    Loved this post!! In the first paragraph you were not speaking the English I speak but I got the gist!! Love the invites, love, love Isaac wanting Andrew the most. Could I come and stay in the kitchen and just do the dishes or something?

  4. Mama V says:


  5. janel says:

    FANTASTIC!! Just perfect!

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