1. While going through the Autism Awareness posters one day last week, Andrew came over to investigate. He read through the posters “My child is autistic. My child is beautiful.” It was the first time I had heard him say the word “autistic”. “Andrew, do you know what autistic means?” “I think it means happy.” he says before scampering off. ha!

2. This morning at breakfast Andrew tells me “Time is about space.” “hmmm?” I muster sipping my coffee, waiting to come to. “Time is about space because the earth rotates and that makes the days and the earth goes around the sun and that makes the years. Time is about space.” “oh yeah. You’re right. It is.”

3. His occupational therapist has been using the phrase “zombie letters” to refer to letters Andrew has written that aren’t sitting on the line, but the line goes through the letter (letters that float above the line are “ghost letters”). While we were working on his piano theory book after school, he was drawing notes that weren’t quite on the line or in a space…I couldn’t tell what note he was trying to write. I pointed it out to him and he said “whoops. I made a zombie note.”

4. He and Isaac have been arguing about Pluto’s planetary status. Andrew is on the side of “Pluto is a planet!” Isaac claims “the last planet is Neptune!!” This can get quite heated.

5. While teaching Isaac the order of the planets (and arguing about Pluto), Andrew told Isaac, “after Pluto is the Oort Cloud!!!” yay! Wait. What is the Oort Cloud?

6. I might have told this story before, but I don’t care…I’m telling it again. While in Vermont this summer, we marched in a parade at the county fair, pictured above, to support my dad’s campaign for a seat on the state senate. When we finished the parade route, Andrew turned and asked “so. did we win?!”

LOVE that kid.

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5 Responses to Andrew-isms

  1. Rinda says:

    I love how that first exchange shows how great your discussions with Andrew are going.

  2. Rhona says:

    I love hearing what Andrew says – I wonder what that zombie note would sound like ;) x

  3. Miss Vicki says:

    Andrew’s right! I looked it up and he’s correct about the Oort Cloud. He’s downright scary! Love the way they are teaching his handwriting!

  4. janel says:

    The wisdom of a child….just the best! You have done an amazing job of parenting! Keep it up…..and breathe in this joy of family! Have a wonderful week.!

  5. MamaV says:

    hah! love these!

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