Easter Decorations

The boys and I made some 3D eggs this weekend to decorate for Easter. I had a vision to make a banner that looked something like this. And although Isaac is usually willing to play along with whatever I’ve got up my sleeve, Andrew’s been more opinionated lately. We started cutting out eggs and assembling them into eggs that were flat on one side…when he discovered that if you put two of those together…it’s a WHOLE EGG! Which, as you may already know, is way better than half an egg.

Two years ago I would have acknowledged his discovery, but continued to have the boys complete the craft as planned. But lately I’ve been feeling a little more willing to make some crafting compromises. And so, we took his discovery and ran with it.

So, instead of a banner, we have little 3D paper eggs hanging in our windows.

And they look pretty good. :)

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4 Responses to Easter Decorations

  1. Ruth says:

    They love lovely ~ well done Andrew!

  2. Miss Vicki says:

    classy and simple!! Good job!!

  3. Mama V says:


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