I have been reading A Tree Grows in Brooklyn and in the first chapter the author takes you through a typical 1912 Saturday for 9 year old Francie. It is fascinating. One of my favorite parts of that chapter is when the author describes what the family eats each week. And reading that inspired me to record what we’ve been eating lately.

Food seems to be something that is always changing. Progress, trends, seasons, weather…all kinds of things change the food we eat. Therefore it seems like what we typically eat now will not be what we typically eat in 5 or 10 years. And that makes me want to document the contents of our plates. It will be one of those “oh yeah!” kinds of things. And I like documenting “oh yeah!” kinds of things.

It reads:
I love cooking for our family, and honestly, we eat really well. I’m serious. You guys have got it made.

For breakfast this summer we have been having yogurt (organic, whole milk, vanilla yogurt!) with granola (homemade with coconut, walnuts and maple syrup!) or scrambled eggs (local eggs from our weekly egg share!) with some sort of baked goodie (a scone, or muffin, or slice of bread…all homemade!!!). And we always have fresh fruit with breakfast (often local fruit from our weekly fruit share!).

For lunch we often have BLT’s on homemade bread or homemade chicken salad on homemade bread. Andrew and Isaac usually have pickles and grape tomatoes with their sandwiches.

Since Dad is a vegetarian, we always have vegetable based dinners (often with local veggies from our veggie share!) such as Cuban Black Bean Fajitas, Margarita Pizza (with homemade pizza dough!), Cannelloni Beans with Sautéed Greens (kale or chard or spinach), and sometimes for fun I’ll make breakfast for dinner (like pancakes or quiche).

Don’t be fooled though. We are not total health nuts. We have one large and immobile obstacle keeping us from eating too healthy. Sugar! I love to bake. I bake several times a week, and we always have cakes, cookies, pies, and other temptations around to satisfy our very sweet teeth.

All in all, the eating around here is pretty good. And I just wanted to point that out.

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I stopped teaching Kindergarten in 2005 to become the mom of two crazy boys here in Brooklyn. At first I thought being a stay at home mom meant that I needed to pour all my time and energy directly into my sons, but I realized somewhere along the way that being a rockstar mom meant not only taking good care of my boys, but also taking good care of myself. And taking good care of myself means pursuing something creative...just about everyday. I started Made In Brooklyn to motivate myself in my creative goals as well as share my work with others and perhaps inspire them in their own creative journeys.
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3 Responses to eating

  1. Wendy says:

    This is such a great topic for a scrapbook page — I need to copy this. My parents made a weekly menu throughout my childhood and we found a cache of them when we were cleaning out their house for a move a few years ago. It was so fun remembering the stuff we had for dinner back in the 80's! Totally different from what my family eats and what they eat now. Probably completely different from what everyone eats!

  2. Mama V says:

    Yeah, I like thinking about how differently we eat from the past and how differently we'll eat in the future. But I especially like seeing how differently people eat from each other today! Thanks for the insider peek!

    By the way, A Tree was the very first big-kid book I ever read as a girl! It's still on my Favorites list, and Itry to re-read it every few years.

  3. Melissa says:

    I want to read that book!

    Earlier today, Atticus was eating a date. He came into the room I was in and said, "Mom- even though you didn't make this, you're a good cook!" (-: Makes me want to just keep right on cooking!

    Do the kids generally eat what you eat?

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