Holmes and Watson

Andrew has been reading detective books lately. He now wants to be a secret agent when he grows up, though me just telling you that might have already blown his cover. He’s been designing traps and tricks and studying tips like “if someone’s handwriting is all close together, it may mean they were writing in a crowded place”, “if you ask someone a question, watch their hands. Fingers open mean they are telling the truth, fingers closed mean they are lying.” He’s sprinkled his bedroom floor with baby powder to catch footprints and he’s taken our fingerprints to have them on record. Just in case.

Somewhere along the way, note writing has become part of the secret agent package. He’s left us all notes, including Isaac. Their contents are never too secret-agent-y (Hi Isaac!! Have a good day!!! Love Andrew!), but their secret delivery is what he’s been working on.

One of his secret deliveries was executed early Saturday morning…but what made this one different was that he planted another secret agent as backup…or so I assume. I had just sat up in bed, ready to go make some coffee when he came tip-toe-ing into my room. Dave was still asleep…and Isaac, who joined us earlier that morning, was sleeping next to Dave. Andrew whispered to me “Mommy!! Don’t look!” and Isaac, sat up immediately and provided his back up, “Mommy! Don’t look!” So, after looking back and forth at the two of them, wondering how Isaac got in on this, I, ummm….didn’t look. And the next thing I knew there was a secret note (Good morning Mommy!! I love you so much! You are the Best Mommy Ever! Love Andrew) under my pillow, and both boys, one in footed pajamas, scurried out of the room to begin the next stage of their secret agenting.

I am LOVING this new found interest and have been encouraging it by downloading Pink Panther cartoons and finding detective chapter books at Andrew’s reading level. I am hoping, hoping, hoping it leads to cool detective props, like a Deerstalker hat and maybe a monocle (mother first, photographer second), but only time will tell.

Hungry secret agents get slices of Cinnamon Ripple Cake after they finish their green beans and drink their milk. And both detectives obliged. (Recipe in this cookbook.)

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3 Responses to Holmes and Watson

  1. Katie Barry says:

    When I was little, I wanted to do the whole secret agent thing too. Some books that I always enjoyed – more detective-y than secret agent, but maybe Andrew will like them, too – are the Cam Jansen series (a kid uses photographic memory to solve mysteries) and Encyclopedia Brown (same thing: kid solves mysteries). They’re fun and geared toward kids.

  2. Mama V says:

    there’s also the Nate the Great books, but they didn’t grab Lucas last year. maybe Andrew will dig ’em.

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