December Daily: Days 19-21

For the 19th I recorded our Santa story.

Andrew was telling us “Santa is a fake!” “There is no Santa!” but also asking us if we thought there really was a Santa. So, I bought a book about the real St. Nicholas and asked him if he wanted to read it. We read it together and when I finished the book, Andrew cried and cried. He put his hand on his heart and said “it hurts right here!” Oh my GOODNESS. It was really, really sad. REALLY sad. I felt terrible. Like I had ruined his sense of wonder and magic. I was never really a big fan of the Santa tradition until that night. Then I became a HUGE supporter of Santa.

The next day we watched a show called “Yes Virginia”. The show is about the letter written to the New York Sun by a little girl named Virginia. The editor wrote her back “yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus. He’s as real as love and generosity.” And Andrew LOVED this show. He kept asking me if it was non-fiction…and it is! So I kept saying “yes! this really happened!”

For a while I wasn’t sure where he stood. But, it’s clear to me that he knows the truth now. He knows there really was a VERY generous man named St. Nicholas and that people keep up his tradition of giving gifts at Christmas because it was such a beautiful gesture…and it’s fun! And so, Andrew decided that HE wants to honor the Santa tradition this year by being the Santa for our family. He asked me to buy him a beard and I was so overcome with guilt about this whole thing, that I bought him the whole suit.

And that’s our Santa story.

In a decidely less dramatic twist, for the 20th I recorded the gifts I gave to the (12!) teachers and therapists and (6!) bus drivers that care for my rascally rascals during the school year.

On the 21st Dave and I drove down to Philadelphia to help my family move my grandfather into an apartment where he’ll get more support.

It was a really emotional day, but I am really, really glad I went. You learn A LOT about someone by sorting through their things. My grandfather is a VERY quiet man…but his notes and files and library spoke volumes about him. :)

And…today is Christmas Eve!! The boys and Dave are still not feeling the best after battling this flu for over a week! But I think we are well enough to journey downtown to see some city Christmas. Wish us luck! And have a WONDERFUL day!

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3 Responses to December Daily: Days 19-21

  1. Cathy says:

    Merry Christmas Robyn!

    Hope everyone feels better by tomorrow. I’m sure that the gifts will help!

  2. Deb @ PaperTurtle says:

    I was so sad about Andrew figuring out the Santa bit. I love how you have documented it in your December Daily. Merry Christmas to you and your sweet family, Robyn. xo

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