December Daily: Days 16-18

Man, I have not been on top of blogging lately! I feel like the things I would normally blog I’ve been recording in my December Daily and I feel silly posting that stuff twice! And…both my boys have the plague. They have been out of school all week and I am keeping them home again tomorrow, but sending them on Friday. The coughing and fevers have been off the charts. Oh man.

And so Sunday’s page, the day that illness really took hold, is all about being sick and watching Christmas movies. :)

On Monday, while they both (!) napped, I wrapped some presents. I bought my paper and ribbon from Paper Source this year and I love it. :) I really love splurging on good wrapping paper.

And yesterday Andrew rallied enough to crank out a bunch of Christmas origami rockets to give his classmates for Christmas. For this page I also included the Christmas note that Isaac wrote. He wrote several for grandparents, but this generic one I photocopied for his teachers and therapists.

And that’s where we’re at so far. Here’s hoping for healthy holidays!

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I stopped teaching Kindergarten in 2005 to become the mom of two crazy boys here in Brooklyn. At first I thought being a stay at home mom meant that I needed to pour all my time and energy directly into my sons, but I realized somewhere along the way that being a rockstar mom meant not only taking good care of my boys, but also taking good care of myself. And taking good care of myself means pursuing something creative...just about everyday. I started Made In Brooklyn to motivate myself in my creative goals as well as share my work with others and perhaps inspire them in their own creative journeys.
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5 Responses to December Daily: Days 16-18

  1. Ruth says:

    Sorry to hear the boys have both been sick :(
    The whole page photos of the boys look amazing and your album is looking incredible!

  2. Amyk says:

    We’re sick here too with strep throat. On antibiotics since Monday. Brendan stayed home again today cause he had a temperature last night. Sent James to school today since he was fever free for 24 hours and said he felt ok to go. Then got a call at 1pm that he wasn’t feeling well. I hope your boys and mine are feeling better for the holiday!!

  3. janel says:

    I send get well wishes…and hope that by Friday both are feeling perky! Oh my…when I saw that photo of your little red head…it could have been my red head, twenty some years ago. Seems like he always got sick at Christmas…so many Christmas’ on the couch. Your album is wonderful. I love your pattern paper and layouts. Thanks again for sharing your brings smiles, memories, and yearning for days gone by. Merry Christmas….it is getting close and the twinkle abounds.

  4. Jessica says:

    I love the photo of your son, even though he’s sick it’s very sweet. Your album is lovely!

  5. Linda says:

    I hope your boys are all better by Christmas!! Your pages are gorgeous :) And I absolutely love the paper source, I really can’t go in there without buying waaaay more than I should, lol!

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