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This year, in preparation for Thanksgiving, we are building a very simple Thanksgiving banner on our living room wall. Every night at dinner, we talk about one thing we are thankful for and we each fill out a tag. Then when a few nights worth of tags have accumulated I tie them to the banner. It’s the most intentional we’ve been about talking about and fostering and modeling gratitude. And isn’t that what November is suppose to be all about? (well…in this country at least!)

Turns out though, gratitude is something that takes practice and it’s been really interesting to see everyone’s response to this project.

Isaac doesn’t really understand it. I’ve tried all kinds of ways to explain it to him. “What are you thankful for Isaac? What is something you REALLY like?” or “Mommy is thankful for apples…what is Isaac thankful for?” But Isaac just wants to write down the color of whatever marker we are using that night. So his gratitude cards say things like “yellow!” “red!” “brown!” And with all that Isaac talks about color lately, maybe he really IS grateful for the full spectrum of color all around us. ;)

Andrew started by being thankful for a variety of aspects of video games. The games themselves, their characters, the system that’s used to play the games. But I ended up with a one-night-a-week video game rule. On Friday he can tell me something about video games that he is grateful for…every other day it has to be something that is NOT AT ALL about video games.

But…Dave turned out to be the real wild card. His responses have been things like “books on tape”, “horizontal surfaces” and my favorite “gravity”.

And even with these wacky guys and their wacky responses, I still tarry on. Crafting their silly answers into cute little tags with a bow tied just right. Giving them room to be themselves and honoring their silliness while they give me room to be myself…hanging autumn colored tags all over our living room (which in itself is a little silly). :)

One thing is for sure. I am definitely grateful for this funny bunch. :)

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  1. Loralee says:

    I love this post. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Melissa says:

    This might be my favorite banner yet, and I REALLY like your banners.

  3. Miss Vicki says:

    I’m grateful for this blog where I can read about all this thankfulness!!

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