Andrew Stories

1. For the boys’ birthdays my parents sent a HUGE box of beach gear: towels, water shoes and LOTS of sand toys. When the Johnstons came over last week everyone was very excited about the shovels in particular. At one point, four of the kids (Joseph, Margaret, Andrew and William) were in our tiny bathroom with the lights off. Joseph was wearing a headlamp and they were shoveling for gold with the sand shovels. They did this for a long time with minimal squabbles and lots of cooperation. Joseph was leading the play by directing the work (I think he’s reading a book about mining for gold right now and knew the juicy facts) and the others, especially Andrew, happily went along with it.

After they left Andrew wanted to keep shoveling for gold in the bathroom. He was so excited about this new game. He first took Dave in the bathroom, had him wear the headlamp and watch as Andrew shoveled. It was sort of clear that Andrew didn’t entirely understand all of what the Johnstons were trying to do. There were details he was acting out that didn’t really make sense to me…or to him for that matter….but he was having a GREAT time. When he took me in the bathroom for my turn the first instruction he gave me was this, “ok, Mommy. The first thing you have to do, is pretend. There isn’t really gold.” I am VERY glad he cleared that up right away. I was getting pretty excited about the prospects of really finding gold in the bathroom of our second floor Brooklyn apartment. Too bad, really.

2. Andrew recently learned about the number googol-plex. A mathematician coined “Googol” as the number that represents 1 with 100 zeros after it. “Googol-Plex” is the number 1 with googol zeros after it. We read that if you spent your whole life, one hundred years, just writing zeros you still would not have written enough zeros to write googol-plex.

Andrew LOVED this trivia. He was so excited about it that he started bouncing around the living room wondering how there could ever be PAPER enough to write all those zeros! He chattered on about the trees needed and the paper machine and he was making lots of whirring and whizzing noises as he pretended to make enough paper…but he should have been getting dressed for school, so I had to reign in the googol-plex love to remind him to put clean underwear on. Moms with their annoying practicality.

He’s been telling me though, that he loves me googol-plex percent. I ask him if that much love hurts and he assures me that it doesn’t.

Andrew also recently told me that his favorite snack to bring to school is muffins. And since he melted my heart with his declaration of goggol-plex percent love for mama, I’ve been on a total muffin kick. These ones are almond poppy seed and I hope that when he opens his little snack box and sees a muffin in there with his grapes, that he understands that I love him goggol-plex percent too.

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I stopped teaching Kindergarten in 2005 to become the mom of two crazy boys here in Brooklyn. At first I thought being a stay at home mom meant that I needed to pour all my time and energy directly into my sons, but I realized somewhere along the way that being a rockstar mom meant not only taking good care of my boys, but also taking good care of myself. And taking good care of myself means pursuing something creative...just about everyday. I started Made In Brooklyn to motivate myself in my creative goals as well as share my work with others and perhaps inspire them in their own creative journeys.
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7 Responses to Andrew Stories

  1. Mama V says:

    googol-plex percent! hah! i love it! lucas is similarly fascinated by the idea of “infinity” and all those zeros. i bet if i told him about the concept’s funky name, he’ll probably say something smart alecky about google, since his response to me not knowing the answer to something is always “just google it!”

  2. Amy says:

    I am so glad the concept of ‘pretend’ was explained first Robyn!

    Miss J here swung by as I was reading and has declared that I must make those muffins today so they are ready when she gets home from school …. she said, ‘Mum is that the recipe there? There are numbers so it must be the recipe.’

    • Robyn says:

      Yeah. Just put a googol sugar in a bowl with half a googol butter. Bake for googol-plex minutes…and there you have it! :)

      The recipe is in Passion for Baking, if you are interesting in expanding your cookbook collection!

  3. Plume says:

    How cute is he!

  4. Miss Vicki says:

    It’s never boring at your house, is it? I am so glad you are recording these stories so they will live forever. I am constantly amazed by the way that child’s mind works. I will have to have Andrew explain pretend to me, as I am really poor at it.!

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