This weekend we went back to the Botanical Gardens. I’ve tried to go twice in the past two weeks and each time I ended up circling for over an hour looking for parking, giving up and going home. But, with Dave along, magical things happen. Like: he drops us off and goes to park. And: he finds a spot two blocks away. Oh the tricks up his sleeve!

We spent a lot of time playing in the carpet of cherry blossoms. We like to treat these parks like they are our yard…well, except that I don’t hang up laundry to dry (and I totally would if I really had a yard) and I didn’t plant any of these things myself…but what I mean is, once we are here: we just are. We just laze about like we own the place. And everyone else sort of does that too.

Dave took the boys to the little hut that hangs out over the pond to look for gross fish (sorry…but those fish, the orange and white ones with huge mouths…what are they called? koi?…really look gross to me) and turtles. And this time of year, the wisteria was going crazy loco bananas, covering the roof with purple blossoms. The wisteria definitely made up for the koi.

We walked through a lawn with azaleas blooming on either side. Isaac would stand in front of an azalea bush and yell “pink! pink!”

And no shocker here: Andrew was in it for the map. This time he was determined we see the gardens in numerical order. It doesn’t matter what is in season now…that isn’t important…going in order? Now THAT is good day at the gardens. (we only followed along with his numerical plan for gardens 1-4…maybe on a day when it’s less crowded we could see all of it that way…but there was no way that was happening this time.)

The lilacs were blooming and were really, really fragrant…but neither of my kids have a good strategy for smelling flowers. I tell Isaac to smell flowers and he blows lightly on the flower…like he’s blowing out birthday candles.

Andrew walks up to it, closes his eyes, and breathes OUT through his nose. “mmmm!!!! This one smells great!” (???) (love Isaac in the background here.  goofy little guy)

After seeing the gardens, we walked around the blocks to watch the fountain. And one of us thought it was pretty much the greatest thing he’s ever seen.

It was a great weekend. :) This week I turn into the Ultimate ShutterBug! It’s Week in Life! My batteries are charged, my book is prepped and I’m ready!

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  1. Miss Vicki says:

    A visual feast!! Welcome sight to those of us who live so far north where green started just yesterday.

  2. Tetcy says:

    That was so much fun! :) Yeay for WITL.

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