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3 Responses to IMG_0394

  1. Betty says:

    There are no words to describe how boicadous this is.

  2. Tippett coaches a defense-first sytem, and has done an amazing job of it, considering there was no money to buy any quality stars. He’d worked miracles with the hand he was dealt. Yes, maybe the Yotes didn’t deserve to be there. But with Tippett’s system, it doesn’t matter who the goalie is They’ll look like Vezina candidates no matter what. Tipeett’s a genius for being able to tweak a bunch of hand-me-downs into a relevant force.No one thought they’d even make the playoffs. Which is why Bettman made sure they didn’t make it to the finals.*blows whistle for no reason*

  3. Tusen takk for at du var så omtenksom og stryke over koden her, haha. Høres ut som bloggtreffet deres var tidenes bloggtreff!! Koselig at det blir så vellykket når man bruker tid og krefter på å samle både folk og sponsorer. Vi sponser gjerne til neste år også!

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