This was a full weekend. On Saturday I met Kirsten in Soho for tea tasting, shopping and lunch out. It was her birthday and meandering around Soho was a great way to celebrate! Saturday night Dave and I went to her birthday party which was held in a restaurant in Brooklyn and was complete with sparklers and wine!

Sunday was the NYC marathon which trots right through our neighborhood. We knew a few people running, but we didn’t see any of our pals in the thousands zipping by. The NYC Marathon is such an inspiring event. We watch it every year.

On Sunday we ran errands in Manhattan. One of the errands included pumpkin gelato. I’m sure you can see how that makes the “must do” list.

I’ve been feeling frustrated with my photography lately. I’ve been getting a lot of out of focus photos and I can’t figure out why. So, one of our errands was to stop by the camera repair store to have my camera looked at. On our way we passed the New York Post Office.

It’s such a beautiful building and I want to get back there for more photos when the light isn’t so crazy bright.

It was a full weekend and I can’t believe it’s over!

By the way, the guy at the camera shop said my camera is fine. :( So I’m back at the drawing board to figure out why I can’t things in focus. I’m too inpatient to learn about my settings and would prefer if my subjects would just sit still.

Hope yours was lovely!

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I stopped teaching Kindergarten in 2005 to become the mom of two crazy boys here in Brooklyn. At first I thought being a stay at home mom meant that I needed to pour all my time and energy directly into my sons, but I realized somewhere along the way that being a rockstar mom meant not only taking good care of my boys, but also taking good care of myself. And taking good care of myself means pursuing something creative...just about everyday. I started Made In Brooklyn to motivate myself in my creative goals as well as share my work with others and perhaps inspire them in their own creative journeys.
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8 Responses to weekend

  1. Miss Vicki says:

    What a gorgeous weekend! It was packed full of fun. Are you training for next year’s marathon?

  2. Susan says:

    We were wandering in SoHo on Saturday, too :) I wish we’d run into you because our friends were visiting New York for the first time and felt like it was huge and overwhelming and we were trying to convince them that it doesn’t seem that way once you get to know it.

  3. Mama V says:

    AND it looks like you went to the High Line!

    Cracks me up to see you eating cold gelato while wearing warm layers/jackets.

    Glad you had a great weekend! Love the twin bowl cuts on Dave and Andrew. Adorable!

  4. Marti says:

    For what it’s worth, I particularly enjoyed some of the photographs. Good old frustration is such a trusty sign of a growth spurt. ;)

  5. Amy says:

    It’s such a pain when you realise that you can’t blame technology, you are probably viewing your own photos far too harshly – we are always our own worst critic!
    I really like the shot you got when out for dinner, the one with the wine glasses and everyone naturally conversing, it looks warm and cosy and a lot of fun.

  6. Amy says:

    I wanted to add that Susan’s comment is really interesting, I think I’d be scared witless in New York, and yet, whenever I see your representation of NY it never seems as big or as overwhelming as I imagine!

  7. Plume says:

    An afternoon wandering around Soho sounds great. Haven’t done that in ages, since my days of working in the Village. I’d get off work and then walk around until I had traipsed all the way down to Soho. Glad you had a fun weekend.

  8. erin says:

    I really liked these photos too. The hazy busy restaurant photo (phone camera?) and the one of Dave and Andrew. You can just see how much they resemble and love each other.

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