wrestling to learn

I have really been enjoying teaching Andrew. He’s such a quirky little fellow to work with…and he can be downright aggressive about learning. Which is both fun and frustrating.

Sometimes I try to teach Andrew something and I feel the words just bouncing right off of him with no impact. He just doesn’t latch on. Other times I think he’s not listening and then the following day he shows me that he understands the concept inside out and upside down. Most of his learning is gradual and subtle: picking up a few new words here and there…having a firmer and firmer understanding of something. But the most frustrating times to teach him are when I’m teaching something he’s dying to learn.

When we first started reading about volcanoes he was so, so, so greedy to KNOW about volcanoes that he was impatient to take the time to learn about them. I would be reading him a volcano book and he’d keep interrupting me because he wanted to know more and more about volcanoes. Reading the book was taking forever. He wanted to know NOW. Lately we’ve been studying the human body and I’ll be reading him something and he keeps stopping me and asking me to “just read it”. “I am reading it.” “ok. Just read it.” He leans the top half of his body on the table, his legs are tense, one foot on the seat of the chair, as if he’s ready to launch himself upward. Learning about science is a workout for his whole body.

It’s not a terribly efficient way to learn. If he could relax a little and just let the facts settle, he’d probably absorb more. Wrestling them out like he does is certainly passionate…but also exhausting…for both of us!

He’s also been seeing mazes all throughout our science lessons. His digestive system is a maze. His veins and arteries and nerves are all mazes. When we were talking about skin he said, again, “it’s kind of like a maze.” Um….your skin? “How is your skin like a maze?” Then he reminded me that on his fingers and toes there are little maze-y fingerprints.

Anyway, I’m pooped. We are taking next week off. We are headed to several-feet-of-snow-covered-Vermont for our “Spring Break” and I am looking forward to a change of pace and a fresh start at school when we get back. See you then!

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6 Responses to wrestling to learn

  1. erin cherry says:

    Adorable cards!

  2. Marti says:

    Sounds like a great adventure. The pair of you are like Lewis and Clark or something.

  3. Ruth says:

    Have a great break! Can I send DS to your Mommy-School, please?

  4. Love that little owl!

  5. That reminds me of taking Mayhem to the Natural History Museum. He was so excited to see all the dinosaurs he couldn’t stop and *look* at the dinosaurs.

    Cute cards!

  6. Marti says:

    Okay, I’m ready for you to come back now… ;)

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