ABC Thursdays: volumes Y & U

Two more pages of my ABC book done! I have one letter left, a title page and a wrap up page! Hopefully I’ll have them done by next week!

I use a lot of yeast. I buy it in bulk and keep it in my freezer. I have both kinds of yeast: active dry and rapid rise that I now sort of use interchangeably. I make bread about once a week. I don’t buy bread and when Dave comes home with rolls from a nearby bakery, he almost always gets in trouble…though we are definitely making headway in that reoccurring marital conflict. I love making bread for many reasons. I love the making of it: the kneading, the rising, the shaping, the smell. I love eating it: sooo yummy. I love knowing what’s in it. I love having it on hand for lots of useful things (toast, breadcrumbs, snacks, sandwiches, etc.). I just wish carbs didn’t have such a bad rap.

Yes! We love Tess!
If I’m honest I’ll say that I’m not sure I even wanted Kirsten to have a baby. I mean, I wanted her to be happy…but I also sort of wanted her to myself. If there is one thing I’ve learned since being a mama, it’s that babies change things. And I wasn’t sure I wanted things to change. But then I met Tess. And then she started to grow. And there are so many things that I appreciate about her, that I’m now actually quite grateful for her. I love Tess for how much she loves my boys. She thinks Andrew is hilarious even when I’ve had it with his antics. She is drawn to Isaac, who usually always ignores her, and yet she is not discouraged. She seeks Dave out, who is shy about other people’s kids, until he’s flipping her around in the air while she squeals in delight. And would you believe it? She even likes me. She sits on my lap and admires my necklace and earrings and laughs at my jokes. The most endearing thing about Tess to me is how much she loves. She loves us so much that we all can’t help but just love her right back.

Used to Travel
I guess it started in high school…though, we did move from time to time, and my dad was always traveling for the Air Force, so the influence may have come at a younger age…but my first out-of-the-country travel experience was in high school. I went to Costa Rica with the Spanish Club and I loved it. I loved speaking Spanish and seeing that beautiful country and I loved the travely-ness of the trip. In college I spent a semester in the Dominican Republic and I did a summer mission trip all over Europe. Once Dave and I were married we went on a trip every year: Mexico, Iceland, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, France, Ireland. Well, we went somewhere every year until Andrew was born. And the only real travel we’ve done since then was a trip to San Francisco. Will we travel again? I hope so. I have my sights set on Machu Picchu, Alaska, Hawaii and St. Petersburg. I’m not sure when we’ll venture out again. But it will probably be when we are both working again and when Isaac grows into an easy-to-travel-with age.

URLs I read
Bake at 350…adorable cookies, great recipes, helpful baking tips
[i] LoveLife…the insider scoop on the life of an artist
Ali Edwards…inspiring scrapbook pages, personal, just a neat lady
Bits & Pieces…more scrapbook inspiration, witty writing
Enjoying the Small Things…fantastic photography
Karenika…not really sure why, but I’m hooked. Her posts are often journal entries…mundane even…but something about it I really like.
Tara Whitney…gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous photography
And many more!

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  1. Marti says:

    That picture of Tess is so adorable.

  2. Nana says:

    Robyn can’t wait to see this book. Of course I love the part about Tess. I love the way she loves you and your family, too. Sometimes when we Skype I ask her how you all are and she lights up and smiles so big it fills the room.

    Hope I can see you when I’m up for a visit the end of March. HUGS and well done on your alphabet book. CAROL

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