Week in the Life: Completed Album


In years past, when I do this project, I usually finish it as I go or I don’t ever finish it. This year, I worked on it each night until Thursday when I hit a wall and gave myself both permission to finish it later AND a small fire of determination to actually finish it. :)

When I looked back through my other Week in the Life albums, I had several thoughts. One was: I love them. I love the experience of looking through a week of our lives back when Isaac was 2 and Andrew was 5 and since it’s such thorough documentation, I really feel like I am time traveling. More so than when I am looking at standard scrapbook pages. Seeing that definitely made me feel like “yes! I am doing it this year!!” AND…another thing I noticed was that I didn’t really read the stories. I mean, I’m glad they’re there. I’m sure I’ll read them at some point. But just seeing all those photos from a specific time in our lives was so powerful. Anyway, I let myself off the hook about writing too much with this year’s album.

I used my same format of 1) opening page for each day. 2) a page featuring all four of us individually. 3) several pages of collage and 4) a pocket with little papers and whatnot for each day. I like that format a lot. :) Dave is always the hardest to get in there. And this year was no exception! If only he’d stay home so I can document him! :) Or maybe next time I’ll follow him to work one day. ;) Sleuth about a little. ha!

So…here are some pages from this year’s album.








And that’s a wrap.  Done and done. :)

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