Week in the Life: Sunday


On Sunday mornings the boys take baths and showers and get dressed.



And then they tackle their weekend homework.  Isaac always has to write about something he did over the weekend (he wrote about MoMath, the Math museum we went to) and Andrew had a bunch of math work he had to catch up on.


Isaac reading one of the little books his teacher sends home for him.


Today was the NYC marathon, which goes right by our home.  We passed it on our way to church.


The boys do puzzle books during church.  Andrew worked on a dot-to-dot that had like a billion dots and Isaac worked in a maze book.


Yesterday was WINDY. So windy in fact, that I rescheduled a photo shoot I was suppose to have because the family would have looked crazy wind-blown!


When we got home from church, Isaac played with his minecraft toys while Andrew finished up some work.


Then he played with the cash register.  They both LOVE this toy.  It’s breaking down though, so I have my sights sets on a new one for Isaac for Christmas.


Hanging out.


Dave is good about playing Pokemon with Andrew.  I am TERRIBLE about that kind of thing.


But I am good about breaking out a science kit to do!  This kit was about magnets.


And included iron fillings!  Which we loved playing with!



Isaac did some of the kit with us and then sat on the couch for a while.  I didn’t think anything of it, until he walked by with chocolate smeared on his mouth!  He had been munching out of the Halloween candy bucket and I had no idea!  Little sneak!


Then the boys made a marble track with 4 funnels and 4 chimes that ding as the marble hits them.

And then…I took a nap and stopped taking photos.  Our Italian take out and nature show watching and Fresh Direct and laundry delivery will just have to go undocumented.  :)

And that was Sunday.  And that was more-or-less one week of the Rice Family daily drill.

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