Week in the Life: Friday


On Friday morning, I sent off Andrew dressed as a secret agent (his school’s costume rule is “has to be a character from a book” and his real costume of “Bad Piggy” didn’t fit the criteria…) and Isaac, as himself, with his costume in a bag (they told us to send the first graders without their costumes on and that they would dress them there).


Here’s the secret agent, complete with fingerstache.


After I showered and got ready I assessed our food needs for the weekend.


and made a quick trip to the local grocery store.


When I got home, I started some dough rising…


while listening to “Serial” a radio show I’ve come to really like.


Then I worked on photo editing for a while.


Back to shaping and baking the bread.


And a quick break for lunch of leftover corn chowder from last night’s dinner.


Bread is done!


Here’s Isaac, getting off the school bus and please note, he is NOT carrying his costume in a bag, like I sent him off with that morning.  WHERE IS THE COSTUME?!  The matron checked the bus for it.  And nothing.  A few frantic phone calls later and the kids and I are in the car.


sitting in traffic for an hour while we make our way to their school to get his costume.


This is me as I am calming down a little about the whole thing.  They never saw that he brought one.  He left the bag in the gym and they never noticed it.  When they asked him about a costume (they were confused because I am SO the mom to send costumes AND ANDREW WAS WEARING ONE!) he said he didn’t have one!  So the whole school had a costume parade and Isaac wasn’t dressed for it.  Oh man.  This kind of thing is WAY more upsetting for me.  He was totally fine.  arg.


Once the costume was recused from the gym, we headed to our friends’ neighborhood for some trick or treating.


Zaida was a biker girl from a group called “Blacklabel Brooklyn”.  She rocked the punky look!






Here’s Andrew trick or treating out of someone else’s stash.  oops!!




We stopped for slices of pizza.


And Isaac pooped out, so Andrew and I wrapped things up with a few more blocks of trick or treating before heading home…


where Andrew accessed his loot…


and where Isaac sampled it.

And that was Friday!

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2 Responses to Week in the Life: Friday

  1. Vicki Dill says:

    Just think, this is one Halloween for the story-telling!!!! and you did a great job!! To me it is funny that Isaac didn’t reveal that of course he had a costume. But I am one parenthood and one sewing machine removed!! Mom, Grandmama

  2. Cathy says:

    I bet you 2$ that next year Isaac will be wearing his costume to school… ;)

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