Week In the Life: Thursday


Thursday morning. Andrew was sleeping on the couch again, Isaac was in his bed. :)


They got up and ready for school as usual.  Once they are ready, with shoes and coats on and backpacks ready, we read poems by Shel Silverstein or Jack Prelutsky while we waited for the bus.


Once they were off to school, I got ready and made a Halloween snack for them to bring to school tomorrow.  Here, I am popping popcorn in the big pot and melting candy coating in the other pot.


Here’s the snack ready to be bagged up.


I volunteered at the boys’ school yesterday for the PreK Harvest festival.  But I had a few minutes to visit the boys in their classes.  Here’s Isaac class wrapping up a lesson with the adorable science teacher. :)


And here’s Andrew brainstorming vocabulary words that have to do with elephants.

Harvest Celebration-167

Then I headed to the gym for the Harvest festival, where I ran the photo booth. :)  And most of the photos I took today look something like this:

Harvest Celebration-226

I know.  ADORABLE.  So, so cute!


When the boys got home, they started projects for tomorrow.  Isaac’s friend has a birthday tomorrow (which Isaac has been talking about all week!) so Isaac made him a birthday maze.


Andrew filled out some cards for his teachers.


And I bagged up the popcorn snack into little baggies.


When Dave got home I went to lay down for a little while.  And he wrangled the boys.


I am reading “My Name is Asher Lev” by Chaim Potok.  I love Chaim Potok.  And I particularly love this one by him.


After dinner, the boys got some zombie cake. :)


Time to get Isaac ready for bed!


And Andrew joined me reading for a while before he finally went to bed too.

And that was Thursday!

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