Week in the Life: Wednesday


I get these boys up at 6:30 with their breakfasts at the table, waiting.  This morning Isaac had pumpkin oatmeal and Andrew had cold cereal and a banana.


We’re trying to teach Andrew to brush his teeth independently…but he’s not very thorough about it.  I put a chart up by the sink to give him tips, but I usually end up taking over and micromanaging his dental care.  :)


The sun was just rising when we walked outside to wait for the bus.  The bus comes at 7:15.


Here it is!  I love this year’s bus matron. She’s a sweetheart. Every morning I try to have the boys say “Good morning!” to her.  Andrew ALWAYS does.  Isaac is hit and miss.


I haven’t actually been in the boys’ bathroom for a few days and hadn’t noticed how disgusting it’s gotten.  Time for a quick clean!


Dave is up and reviewing the umatic tapes I’ve been digitizing for him.  It’s all Ed Koch, all the time in our little home office. :)


The laundry bin was overflowing.  Time to bag it up a little better.


I had to go into Manhattan today and I took the R.


I like going into Manhattan by myself. :)


When I got home I finished up a Zombie Halloween cake that I had started earlier.  It has pumpkin-chocolate cake and a cinnamon custard filling.  Later I poured chocolate glaze over the top of it.  So yummy!!


The boys are home from school and the neighbors were out!  They scootered and ran around with them for a little while.


Then in for snacks and homework.  Andrew likes to do this trick of squirting mustard on a pickle.  It grosses me out so much!


The boys are able to do the work more or less independently.  They just need me to help them stay focused.  I end up just saying things like “okay, Isaac.  And what’s the next equation you need to work on?” “Are you on your fourth sentence, Andrew?” Otherwise they stare off into space, play with their pencils, roll off their chairs.  It can be a circus.


Zombie cake is done!


Dance party break to Halloween music in the middle of homework!  :)


Homework is done and look who’s home! They like holding his legs while he walks and he drags them around the apartment.  It’s a good workout for Dave. ;)


Fish, mashed sweet potatoes, peas and knock-knock jokes for dinner.


Dishes are done, time for some wine.


and some wii.


and some minecraft.

And that was Wednesday.

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